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Overwatch Story

Overwatch Story

Overwatch, released in 2016, created an ever-expanding universe for itself. This universe continues to grow with new characters coming out every year.

Overwatch has released cinematics and comics that focus on another character or characters in each new narrative. In these narratives, the game focuses on why they are fighting. In fact, our next game will include a story segment that ties them all together.


Omnic Crisis

The story of our game actually begins with this event. A company called Omnica Corporation creates robots to help society and the economy. They called them omnics. The production facilities called Omnium have also been established to produce these robots all over the world. The most popular robot they sold was a unique peacekeeper named Bastion. Subsequently, the company came under investigation for fraud and had to close its established facilities. Years have passed since these events, and some facilities have started production again in an unknown way. This time, however, the peacekeeper robots have been brought together to destroy humanity. As a result, an invasion began and expanded in Russia. The only way to be protected from this invasion was by the Svyatogor robots led by humans.

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The company that produced these robots would be Volskaya Industries. America, on the other hand, started a cover operation in its own way and developed a program that uses elite mercenaries such as Soldier 76 and Reaper, our characters in Overwatch. Germany responded with armored Crusaders. While these were happening on Earth, the situation on the Moon was much different. Horizon Lunar Colony wanted to test long-term habitation in space. So they created genetically modified animals on the moon. One of them is the young monkey, Winston. The monkeys eventually rebel against those who produced them, and the planet of the apes begins.

The Rise of Overwatch

Omnic forces continued to take over the world. Meanwhile, some soldiers of the United Nations and the world decided to join forces, and as a result, they were able to attempt to defeat the Omnic forces for the first time. A few years after this event, it was announced that the omnic crisis was over. This joint alliance was called Overwatch. Later, the sub-group Blackwatch was formed. The peculiarity of this group was that it was a secret organization. The members of this group were assigned to fight against Talon. Talon's goal was to create a new Omnic Crisis. The members go to Italy and kill Bartalitti, one of the leaders of Talon. But in the end, Blackwatch has been revealed to the world. While these events are taking place, a new terrorist group emerges in London. The British prime minister, on the other hand, asks overwatch for help against the group called Null Sector, and the team successfully completes its mission.

The Fall of Overwatch

When the world learns of Blackwatch's illegal activities, the United Nations is forced to order an investigation. As a result, a crow emerges from the team and an explosion occurs at headquarters. It is thought that both Morrison and Reyes died in this explosion. The Overwatch team disbands and any action they take from now on becomes illegal. Shortly after the events, a thief infiltrates the old Overwatch facility and smuggles weapons from it. As a vigilante, this thief begins hunting Overwatch's old enemies. We finally learn that this vigilante is Soldier 76. At about the same time, we hear that Reyes also survived the explosion and was kept alive with Moira's help. He decides to join the Talon to take down the former members of Overwatch.

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A new omnic crisis begins in Russia. The crisis continues to grow rapidly and spread to the world. When things get big, Winston decides to gather the former Overwatch members and sends a call to all of them. Team members, on the other hand, do not leave this call unanswered and return. As a result of these events, our day begins when both the Omnic crisis continues and the war between Talon and Overwatch continues. We will learn the rest of the story in the second game.

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