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Overwatch Review

Overwatch Review

In my opinion, Overwatch has been a game that paved the way for many multiplayer shooter games in recent years. I seriously did not expect such a quality and beloved game from Blizzard.

Adding characters with different characteristics to a shooter game was an extremely well-thought-out mechanic for those years. The character designs were beautiful. Their actions were just as dynamic. As such, it turned into a great action game that players played for many years. Its maps, which are full of magnificent details, took this action to the next level.

8Very Good
  • Always up to date
  • Battle and combat systems are satisfying
  • Variety of skills, characters and maps
  • With the second one coming, this one may be forgotten

Learn the Basics

Although our game has been out for exactly 6 years, its gameplay has remained almost intact. Our aim in the game is to take the points of our enemy on the map and control them. This is actually not an original idea at all. All the games we know have this mode. However, what makes this game different from other games is its nuance in how you win the match.

Each team consists of 6 people, and there are 32 different characters to choose from. Each of these characters has completely different gameplay and has very different contributions to your team. That's why every hand you play is almost different. Blizzard has made a huge contribution to the gaming world by making a game that constantly improves itself, and it has definitely won the appreciation of the players.

overwatch review


As I mentioned at the beginning, the game is constantly being updated and improving itself. Although there are 32 characters now, the game was not like this when it first came out. New characters have been added to the game over the years, and I can say that the game has completely changed with each character. The new characters that came in affected not only themselves but also the characteristics of the characters that came out before them. They became more in tune with some of them and did good work together on the battlefield.

In essence, this turned out to be the best part of Overwatch. It gave players plenty of options and kept the love and interest in the game warm by introducing a new character whenever it got boring or stale. No matter how long you play, there is still a character that you are not quite familiar with.

Perfect Fit

This does not mean that you should play all the characters. You definitely don't have to know and play them all. The important thing in these games is to find the character most suitable for your playing style and develop yourself as that character. If you added 2-3 less familiar characters next to one main character, it would be enough for you. In fact, this is something that the producers also wanted. They definitely don't want everyone to play the same character, so they add characters with completely different builds each time. Thus, they can attract players suitable for every style of play. That's why it's a little flat to actually call this game a shooter. Even though it has the characteristics of a full shooter game mechanically, it is definitely not as cumbersome and primitive as a classic shooter game. The game has a very serious arsenal.


As I mentioned earlier in my article, the game has not undergone any serious changes during its 6-year life and has always preserved its essence. The biggest change that came was probably the role lock feature, which was the best improvement ever. It is really important to specify the role you want to play in such games before the game starts. so you can set up your team more accurately before the game starts.

Is Overwatch Worth Playing?

I can say that Overwatch is perhaps the only example of its kind. Although Valorant may be a little close to this style, I think the two of them are very far away. Of course, it is the best game of its kind, as it is the only one of its kind.

is overwatch worth playing

The variety and depth it contains is enormous. Not to mention the improvements made for 6 years without losing their essence. The fact that each character completely changes the game and offers a new experience to the players definitely keeps your excitement for the game warm. After all, this game is incredibly fun to play. Recently, Overwatch 2 has been announced, and I am among those who are eagerly waiting for the day it will be released. If it stays true to its essence, I can say that a new legend is born.

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