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Overwatch 2 Story

Overwatch 2 Story

Overwatch 2 from Blizzard Entertainment is an upcoming sci-fi hero shooter. The company is best known for other epic games such as StarCraft, World of Warcraft, and Diablo.

Overwatch is often referred to as a multiplayer shooting game, but if you are curious about the lore behind Overwatch 2, there are many sources to learn more about the universe and its story. These sources mainly include other media, such as comics, cinematic shorts, and more.

The Story Behind Overwatch and Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2
Overwatch 2

What are Omnics?

Overwatch 2, at its most basic, takes place in a near-futuristic version of Earth. There, robotics and cybernetics will be commonplace. It's so common, in fact, that it gave birth to an entire species of sentient machines called Omnics. Original Omnics were created by humans for service and industrial jobs. The artificial intelligence overseeing them is self-improving. If you’ve ever watched The Matrix, you know what this may become…

How was Overwatch Established?

The Omnics eventually acquired sentience, free choice, and religions. Some Omnic manufacturing facilities went out of business and produced thousands upon thousands of militarized machine guns that later attacked humanity. The United Nations established Overwatch, an army of heroes, in an effort to stop the Omnic Crisis. Overwatch launched high-tech surgical strike against strategic targets and command posts of Omnic Command Posts. Overwatch was a success and ended the Omnic Crisis. But, decades later, the fallout of the world conflict still lingers around the globe.

The War Between Overwatch and Omnics

The relationship between humans with Omnics is complicated. It also differs by region. In the U.K. Omnics are denied basic human rights. In Russia, Omnics wage war against the populace. Overwatch's multiplayer maps offer clues as to where the world is in different regions of the conflict. Some animations also provide key plot details.

overwatch 2 plot

This was the story that was introduced in the first game of the Overwatch series. So now, what can we expect from Overwatch 2 and what its plot has to offer to us?

Overwatch 2 Plot

Overwatch 2 will have both new PvE, and PvP options. Story experience is going to be a major part of the PvE experience. The game will feature PvE story missions. These are set after Overwatch was recalled by Winston. The main campaign of the game, which is made up of cooperative story missions, will see old and new Overwatch heroes team up against the Null Sector. To learn more about all the heroes you will meet again and meet for the first time in the game, take a look at our Overwatch 2 Characters Guide. Null Sector is the same robotic army that fought in the Uprising.

overwatch 2 story

Amazing PvE Experience

These PvE missions offer players the opportunity to customize and upgrade their abilities. Stories will also contain items of various rarities players can get and use to create different effects. PvE maps will be more extensive than those in the original game. Honestly, I knew that they would look better but these designs blew my mind.

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