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Otome the Exorcist Review

Otome the Exorcist Review

Prepare to immerse yourself in the supernatural world of Himori where nefarious Voracites threaten to engulf the city in chaos. In "Otome the Exorcist," you'll step into the shoes of Otome Onimoto, a member of the valiant Subjugation Squad, determined to eradicate this ominous menace.

Developed by the talented team at huki damari and published by Kagura Games, this anime RPG adventure offers a unique blend of classic role-playing, contemporary supernatural themes, and captivating gameplay dynamics. Join us as we delve into the heart of this captivating game and uncover its hidden treasures.

  • Engaging and Mysterious Storyline
  • Tactical Depth in Turn-Based Combat
  • Visually Striking Artwork
  • Balancing Lewd Content Integration
  • Fine-Tuning Combat Difficulty


The city of Himori is plunged into turmoil as enigmatic Voracites emerge, consuming unsuspecting victims in their wake. These nightmarish creatures prove impervious to conventional weaponry, yielding only to the power of Animus—a force harnessed by the chosen few known as Exorcists. As Otome Onimoto, a dedicated member of the Subjugation Squad, you'll grapple with the challenges of this dark reality. Dive into a captivating narrative that weaves friendship, mystery, and temptation into a tapestry of intrigue.


"Otome the Exorcist" offers a classic RPG experience with a contemporary twist. Traverse through randomized dungeons, each presenting unique challenges and opportunities for strategic mastery. Engage in turn-based combat that requires both tactical finesse and a keen understanding of your character's abilities. Otome's journey isn't a solitary one—you'll forge alliances, solve intricate cases, and strengthen bonds with fellow Exorcists. The skill learning system introduces a layer of depth, enabling you to customize your character's growth and arsenal. But beware—the power of Animus comes with a choice, as Ascensions trade experience for newfound skills, adding an element of risk to your progression.


While "Otome the Exorcist" employs recognizable RPGMaker assets, it shines in its character designs and expressive portraits. The artistry comes to life in the meticulously crafted CGs that punctuate key moments, enriching the narrative with emotion and intensity. These visual elements immerse you in the game's atmosphere, complementing its supernatural themes and mysterious undertones.

Otome the Exorcist
Otome the Exorcist

Is it Worth Playing?

"Otome the Exorcist" beckons with an intriguing premise, a captivating blend of supernatural intrigue, and a dash of mature content. The game's strengths lie in its engaging storytelling, strategic turn-based combat, and skillful use of visual art to heighten emotional impact. While not without its flaws, including imbalanced combat and certain aspects of the lewd content being tied to specific conditions, the overall experience is a rewarding one.

For fans of anime RPGs seeking an adventure that goes beyond the mundane, "Otome the Exorcist" offers a journey into a world where darkness and temptation intertwine. While it may not be a flawless masterpiece, its strengths are compelling enough to warrant a place on your gaming radar. Keep your eye on "Otome the Exorcist" and be ready to answer the call when the allure of supernatural battles and tantalizing mysteries beckons once more.

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