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No Place for Bravery Review

No Place for Bravery Review

If you are looking for an apocalyptic medieval fantasy action RPG with impressive art design, pixel art graphics, and a great atmosphere, No Place for Bravery is the game designed for you.

Your main goal in the game is to follow the quest line in the linear flow and survive. You can interact with NPCs in the game and get quests from them. Also, some NPCs will give you skills or items. If you are looking for more detailed information about the game, keep reading!

7Very Good
  • Atmosphere design
  • Art design
  • Story
  • NPC dialogs
  • Dash mechanics

Gameplay Mechanics

There are save points in the game and when you die, you start from your last save point. You can renew your health potions and improve your skills at the save points. In this respect, it can be said that the game is in the soul-like genre. At the bottom left of the screen are your potions and throwable items. There are three bars at the bottom right of the screen. The red bar represents your HP, the green bar represents your stamina. Actions like parry, attack, and dash will lower your stamina. Finally, the yellow bar represents your poise. If the yellow bar runs out, your character will be stunned. Above these bars, you can see the amount of gold you have.


One of the systems where the game enters the soul-like genre is the parry system. If you parry your opponent at the right time, your opponent's poise bar will drop. If your opponent's poise bar drops to zero, your opponent will be stunned, while you can inflict three times your normal damage to your opponent. If you do not want to have difficulty in the game, you will have to get used to the Parry system. The best way to stop your opponents' attacks is to use parry. Because the game prevents you from using dash effectively due to its mechanical structure.

No Place for Bravery
No Place for Bravery

After parrying your opponent's attack, a white flash will appear on your opponent's head. This effectively means you have successfully parried the opponent's attack. If the effect is yellow, you blocked the attack but failed to parry. If the effect is red, you need to quickly move away from the opponent's attack range. After neutralizing an opponent, your opponent enters the bleed animation. If you leave your opponent like this, he won't be able to attack you, but we recommend killing him and getting the loot.

no place for bravery review


In most soul-like games, the dash system is the perfect system to evade your opponent's attacks. But in No Place for Bravery, the dash is a little clunky. Accordingly, we recommend that you use the dash to bypass platform barriers.

is no place for bravery worth playing

Game Graphics

With its two-dimensional and pixel art graphic design, No Place for Bravery has an impressive atmosphere. Major characters in the game have special designs, while minor characters such as the public and army soldiers have repetitive designs. Our main character carries a sword, shield, and child on his back. Yes, we will enter the battlefield with the child on our backs.

Is No Place for Bravery Worth Playing?

If you like soul-like games with pixel art graphics, No Place for Bravery is a game designed for you. Simple as that.

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