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My Life as a Cult Leader Review

My Life as a Cult Leader Review

My Life as a Cult Leader is an adult visual novel that takes players on a thrilling and sensual journey into the world of cult leadership. With a riveting plot, strong characters, gorgeous art, and intense gameplay, this game provides an immersive experience that will captivate any visual novel enthusiast.

The story begins with the protagonist at their lowest point in life - jobless and homeless - when they are suddenly approached by Shima Itsuki to become the new leader of her cult. As players progress through the game, they'll uncover secrets from both the cult's past and Shima's true intentions. Players must also battle external forces that threaten their role as leader while tending to their followers' needs. 

  • Gorgeous art style which reflects emotion well
  • Unique and captivating characters
  • Intense gameplay with a mix of resource management, strategic decision-making, relationship building and puzzles solving
  • Not extensive enough
  • Not full 3D environment

Everything You Need to Know About My Life as a Cult Leader

My Life as a Cult Leader
My Life as a Cult Leader

Game Plot

When a terrible turn of events causes you to lose your job and get evicted from your apartment, you're left with nothing to your name. You find yourself on a cold park bench, miserable and exhausted with nowhere else to turn. As you curse your fate, dark thoughts cloud your mind, wishing things would turn out differently. Suddenly, a mysterious woman approaches you introducing herself as Shima Itsuki and asking you to take over as the new leader of a cult. She explains that their current leader is dying and needs someone to fill in for him as soon as possible.

With no other options available, the protagonist decides to take her up on her offer - but little do they know what sort of wild adventure awaits them! My Life as a Cult Leader invites players into an immersive world filled with mystery and intrigue one where they must navigate through secrets from both the cult's past and Shima's true intentions while managing resources, making strategic decisions in battle sequences, building relationships with followers and more!


A mysterious woman who invites you to be her cult's new leader. She has a sharp tongue and often comes across as rude but there isn't much room for complaint since she manages most administrative duties in place of the protagonist so they can focus on leading the cult. Ayaka is born into wealth yet unnaturally reserved for her age; though she may appear perfect on the surface there are some hidden issues within her marriage that might come up during gameplay. Marina is an idol by day who moonlights as part of this secret society at night; men drool over Marina's looks while jealous women scoff at how cunning she seems - will she ever be able to prove herself or will she remain underappreciated? 

my life as a cult leader review


My Life as a Cult Leader offers intense gameplay set against gorgeous character art that brings each unique personality vividly alive throughout this thrilling narrative experience! Players must manage resources carefully while making important decisions (both politically & militarily) in order to ensure their cult’s survival amidst external threats trying everything they can to disrupt progress or even overtake control completely – think fast or it could be game over! Additionally there are puzzles which need solving throughout which add another layer of challenge & strategy when considering how best utilize assets & resources allocated towards tasks like these...and then there are those alluring adult scenes sprinkled between chapters – tastefully done so players feel immersed rather than interrupted by explicit content being thrown around haphazardly just because it’s an adult visual novel! 

 my life as a cult leader characters


The artwork within My Life as a Cult Leader is simply stunning gorgeously crafted illustrations bring each characters unique personalities forward without resorting too heavily into overly-stylized or cartoonish visuals which can sometimes detract from immersion instead if not properly balanced out correctlythe 2D visuals bring alive emotion perfectly allowing us relate well enough despite not being able traverse our way through full 3D environments hereand those steamy scenes arent too shabby either.

Is My Life as a Cult Leader worth playing?

Absolutely yes! For lovers of visual novels yearning something dark yet sensual alluringly – combined together alongside exciting combat sequences offering nice breaks away from otherwise peaceful atmosphere found elsewhere within title– then this game offers quite ride indeed worth taking….My Life as a Cult Leader provides exceptional blend mystery/excitement/sensuality sure please even pickiest gamer among us…definitely worth giving whirl if given chance do so!!

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