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My Gaming Club Review

My Gaming Club Review

My Gaming Club is an exciting game where you get to experience what it's like to own a gaming club. You start with nothing but an inherited garage and have to build your business from the ground up.

You will need to buy furniture, equipment, food for your customers and yourself in order to make your business successful and profitable. The realism of this game is one of its main features and it offers many elements of real life such as hunger, thirst, urine, mood etc. It also has a realistic car with realistic physics, fuel levels, oil levels, coolant level etc., which make it feel even more like real life! 

7Very Good
  • Incredibly smart AI
  • Realistic car
  • Customizable gaming club and immersive environment.
  • Picking up tables or objects with items on them should not be possible.

Everything You Need to Know About My Gaming Club

My Gaming Club
My Gaming Club

Game Plot

In My Gaming Club you play as the owner of a gaming club that caters to visitors who come in wanting to play various computer games. Your goal is to develop your club so that they can enjoy their gaming experience as much as possible while making money at the same time. You'll need to build up your business from scratch by purchasing furniture and equipment for customers and yourself while managing resources such as food and drinks in order maintain customer satisfaction. 

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Gameplay Mechanics

My Gaming Club provides players with an incredibly smart AI system that keeps them engaged throughout their gaming experience. There are also many features available such as assembling PCs from components or using Ibay online auction where you can sell or buy items which adds another layer of depth into the game along with its immersive environment which allows for full immersion into the game world itself. Players are able to customize their gaming clubs by arranging furniture, buying new items for customers or stocking vending machines all while managing resources such as food and drinks in order make sure everyone visiting has everything they need for maximum enjoyment during their stay at the club.

my gaming club review

However there are some issues when it comes down gameplay mechanics; buttons are mapped in a very odd manner which makes playing difficult at times; picking up tables or objects with items on them should not be possible because if we accidentally pick up something instead then everything falls off; vending machine stocking takes too long due lacks any feature that would speed things up like hiring NPCs or placing multiple items at once. These are all issues I hope get fixed soon because they do hold back potential this game may have otherwise had if these simple quality-of-life improvements were implemented properly. 


The visuals look great; most of the environmental assets look really nice giving players an atmosphere appropriate for running a virtual PC gaming club; characters look detailed enough without being overly complicated allowing players focus on enjoying themselves rather than worrying about how good character models look; UI looks good without being too distracting either providing just enough information without overwhelming players.

is my gaming club worth playing

Is it worth playing?

Overall I think My Gaming Club is definitely worth checking out especially if you're looking for something different than usual simulators on mobile devices since this one has quite deep mechanics compared other similar games out there right now. Despite some minor gameplay issues mentioned earlier overall I think developers did great job creating fantastic atmosphere suitable both hardcore gamers looking challenge themselves while casual ones just want relax having fun building perfect virtual PC gamer's paradise - so yes it definitely deserves attention . 

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