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Muse Dash - Muse Plus
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Muse Dash - Muse Plus

Release Date: 04.10.2023
Languages: Japanese, Traditional Chinese, English ...

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About Game

For Players Who Have Purchased [Just as Planned], Attention!

If you have purchased [Just as Planned], you don't need to purchase [Muse Plus] again! Purchasing [Muse Plus] cannot grant you any new contents. Be careful not to make the wrong purchase.


About Muse Plus

After purchasing [Muse Plus], you will unlock all the music packs (now including about 500 songs), characters, elfins, title screens, and illustrations in the game at once!

Please note that the special contents DLCs cannot be unlocked for free by purchasing [Muse Plus]. DLCs are generally the large-scale update contents that need to be purchased separately in the game.
But [Muse Plus] players can enjoy a permanent discount when purchasing DLCs.

If you want to play Muse Dash for a long time, purchasing [Muse Plus] is still the most cost-effective choice!

Notes for Cross-Platform Players!

[Muse Plus] and music packs purchased on different platforms CANNOT BE SYNCED. Please confirm if you're using the device/platform that you have commonly used before purchasing.
If you are playing Muse Dash on multiple platforms at the same time, you can log into the bound account of your mobile device through [Option] → [Account] to sync your level, game data, etc. (★-ω-)b

[Muse Plus] Players' Privilege

The default songs and some free illustrations in the game still need to be unlocked by leveling-up. But those who have purchased [Muse Plus] can enjoy a 1.5x EXP boost permanently!

Anyway, let's upgrade 114,514 levels first ⊂彡☆))∀`)

Supported Languages: Japanese, Traditional Chinese, English, Korean, Simplified Chinese

System Requirements