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Munchkin Digital Review

Munchkin Digital Review

Steve Jackson Games and the iconic tabletop game Munchkin have partnered to bring their murderous mischief digitally! Go down to the dungeon. Kick in the front door. Take out everything. You can backstab your friends. You can steal the treasure and then run.

Munchkin has been sold in millions all over the world and is the most popular card game about dungeon-adventure...without any of the stupid roleplaying. Your friends will challenge you to kill monsters, and win magic items. Don the Horny Helmet, and the Boots for Butt-Kicking. You can use the Staff of Napalm...or perhaps the Chainsaw of Bloody Dismemberment. Start with the Drooling Slime or Potted Plant. Then, work your way up towards the Plutonium Dragon.

7Very Good
  • The game allows for a six-player cross-platform multiplayer.
  • It has a tutorial mode and special rules for solo play.
  • Players have the opportunity to discover magical weapons and fight monsters
  • The timer is quite harsh - players are given around 15 seconds to complete each action.
  • The game is buggy and clunky, feeling dated and not very interactive.

Are we going too fast? Let’s break it down and review the digital adaptation of Munchkin the board game. 

Munchkin Digital
Munchkin Digital


Muchkin Digital's gameplay is simple, not hard to understand. To create a character, you will need to combine race and class cards with your treasure-loving Munchkin. Then, you'll need to gear up to fight the native monsters. You will level up by collecting treasure and killing the nasties that lurk. You will be the first Munchkin to reach level 10, so don't expect them to be as helpful or as friendly as you might think. After all, only one of you will wear the title of victor.

Munchkin Digital's goal is also very simple, in true RPG/tabletop fashion. You are invited to enter the dungeon and kick the door in. Friendship is not for losers, so it's important to backstab your friends. This is all done with the ultimate goal to fill your pockets with treasure and escape as a level 10 hero.

Is Munchkin Digital multi-player?

The developer delivers the promised six-player cross-platform multiplayer, as well as a tutorial. We also got a solo mode with special rules alongside the cross-platform multiplayer for six players.

munchkin digital review

Munchkin allows players to compete against each other in a series involving exploring the dungeon, looting, and taking treasure. You will discover magical weapons such as the chainsaw of bloody dismemberment and other classes. Also, you can fight monsters like Internet Trolls, the Plutonium Dragon, and others.

What Could Be Improved?

The timer is quite harsh. Players are given around 15 seconds to complete each action. This is a lot considering all the information being presented. I strongly recommend that you allow players to modify the length of the timers for each game. You also have the option to set a time limit.

Also, the game is buggy and clunky. It's fun to see Munchkin's art, but the game feels dated. Sometimes cards disappear too fast after being played or linger too much after being discarded. Cards in a hand don't feel interactive. They can't be sorted and manipulated. It is clear that a tremendous amount of effort went into digitalization. I believe it needs some polishing to really benefit from it.

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Is Munchkin Digital worth playing?

The ability to play Munchkin online is a big plus. Overall, I recommend the game. However, I would wait until major UI and QOL issues have been resolved. These issues are easy to deal with, but can detract from the game's enjoyment.

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