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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Review

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Review

If you are interested in a game where you hunt gigantic monsters with acrobatic moves, Monster Hunter Sunbreak is an expansion pack designed for you.

If you have been playing Monster Hunter for a long time and you have exhausted all the contents of the game, Monster Hunter Sunbreak brings a variety of content for you. With Monster Hunter Sunbreak, you will encounter different bosses and skills. You will also have a brand-new game world and impressive views of each other. Monster Hunter Sunbreak has sold more than five million copies since its release, gaining the appreciation of the players.

8Very Good
  • Variety of new bosses and monsters
  • Graphics
  • Brand new abilities
  • Really short gameplay

New Bosses and Monsters

Monster Hunter: Sunbreak is a game with 39 unique huge monsters with different looks and patterns. In other words, you will encounter 39 monsters against whom you must discover how to fight. It shows that Monster Hunter Sunbreak has more boss patterns than most games. Among these bosses, there are bosses with various special abilities such as vampiric ones, bosses controlling the ice element, and poisonous ones. It will cause the feeling of discovery you will get from the game to stay alive for a long time.

One of the critical features that makes a game attractive to players is the continuity of the sense of exploration. In addition to the massive bosses, the Monster Hunter Sunbreak expansion pack adds many smaller monsters to the game. Remember that although they are small, they are powerful enough to kill you!

Game World and Graphics

Monster Hunter Sunbreak brings a variety of areas, structures, forests, and dungeons for players to explore. One of the features that make a game attractive to players is its landscapes and areas to explore. If you enjoy open-world games and watching the scenery for minutes in beautiful landscapes, Monster Hunter Sunbreak has fascinating areas for you.

The overall theme of the game reflects an apocalyptic world. The purple colour used in the game's colour pack has made many landscapes both fascinating and depressing. Forests with huge trees, once-living ruins, and monster-infested regions add to the game's theme integrity.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak
Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

The monsters included in the Monster Hunter Sunbreak expansion pack also have unique looks and themes. If you've noticed that a monster is blue, it probably has special powers related to water or ice. If you are a careful player, it is possible to guess the fighting style of monsters from their appearance.

Gameplay Mechanics

Monster Hunter Sunbreak features a new weapon form that can change your gameplay. Added to play with Monster Hunter Sunbreak, the weapon called Silkbind, which has a form between the spear and the great sword. First of all, I have to admit that the appearance and capabilities of the weapon seem aesthetically pleasing. Although Silkbind is a huge weapon, it has agile and gap-closer abilities.

monster hunter rise sunbreak review

If you like Monster Hunter and have exhausted all the content, we recommend you to try the Monster Hunter Sunbreak expansion pack. Good hunting and have fun!

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