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Metal: Hellsinger Story

Metal: Hellsinger Story

On an infernal journey through the eight Hells, you will dance to the beat of metal in Metal: Hellsinger. This game is full of demons, badass guns, and heavy metal music. And its story is as impressive as its beats.

Beginning of the Story

South of heaven, there was this soul, special. This soul suddenly came to hell for a reason. No one knew where it came from. She began to mow down all the other demons with her katana in hand. The demons gave her a name, the Unknown. After all, demons are not known for their ingenuity and brilliance. The unknown's goal was to get back her favorite thing, her voice. To prevent the Unknow from doing more damage, the Ruler of the Hells, Red Judge imprisoned her in hell with powerful spells. The Unknown was imprisoned in hell for a long time, and it just made her madder. The seal that Red Judge had made was not unbreakable. The Unknown had the determination to break the seal.

metal hellsinger story

After damaging The Unknown Red Judge, all the demons of hell have been summoned for a great battle. Everyone who attended this call called this meeting the Council of War. Red Judge has ordered all the demons under her command to prevent the Unknown from reaching Sheol. It was the name of the Throne with Sheol Red Judge. All the demons enthusiastically obeyed the command.

Metal: Hellsinger
Metal: Hellsinger

The Unknown's Adventure in Hell

The Unknown continued to march towards Sheol, killing hundreds of demons and a few of Red Judge's mighty demons. The first obstacle to The Unknown was Stygia. Stygia was guarded by a reliable and powerful demon of Red Judge. The Unknown continued her way by destroying Stygia and powerful demons. When Stygia fell, The Unknown regained part of her sound. After this defeat, Red Judge commissioned all the scholars under her command to research the Unknown. What they learned was that a demon known in ancient scriptures as Hellsinger would destroy hell. She started Ritual of Spears with Red Judge Yhelm's Army.

The Rituel of Spears was a ritual that connected a body with the spirit of the Unknown. After the ritual began, Red Judge began attacking the Unknown with demonic spells. However, the Unknown began to walk through the magical portal, making eye contact with Red Judge. Red Judge aborted the ritual, preventing the Unknown from reaching her.

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After all the victories of The Unknown, all the inhabitants of hell made sure that the Unknown was Hellsinger. Some thought she would take over the Throne of the Judge, others thought she would do worse. Red Judge, on the other hand, asked the angels for help to fight the Unknown. If you think demons are powerful, it means you have never encountered a fighting angel before. However, the Unknown was also strong enough to defeat angels.

how does metal hellsinger end

End of the Story

Red Judge has devised a plan to hide the Hellsinger from the beings of heaven. However, Judge forgot her plan as hell made everyone forget everything. Somehow the plan comes true, but Judge, Protector of Hellsinger, is killed by Hellsinger. Now the Hellsinger aims to break the wall between hell and heaven and make heaven taste like hell.

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