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Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered Story

Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered Story

Marvel's Spider-Man is a game that tells a story in harmony with Spider-Man lore with a wide-open world and realistic graphics. The game has a structure where you complete missions to advance the story with various improvements, suites, and skills.

The most impressive part of the game is that it feels like watching a movie while completing the main story missions. Marvel's Spider-Man has impressive gameplay with a story that lasts for about 20 hours. If you're curious about the game's story, wondering how the story starts or where it ends, keep reading!

Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered
Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered

The Story of Marvel's Spider-Man

The story of Marvel's Spider-Man takes place after Wilson Fisk is captured by Spider-Man. A cult called the Inner Demons begins to take over Wilson Fisk's illegal assets. Mary Jane and Spider-Man team up to investigate the group called the Inner Demon. As a result of their research, the two learn that the sect is looking for an object called Devil's Breath. After Spider-Man defeats a demon gang, he attends the selection event for Norman Osborn. Meanwhile, the Inner Demons sect attacks the election event, resulting in large numbers of casualties.

After the attack, Spider-Man discovers that Devil's Breath is a deadly biological weapon created by the Oscorp company. The person working at Oscorp to develop advanced prosthetic limbs is Otto Octavius. Octavius ​​continues to work on prosthetic limbs while Spider-Man stops Li from stealing Devil's Breath.

Octavius' Mechanical Tentacles

As a result of his research and experiments, Octavius ​​invents four mechanical tentacles that exceed the speed and power limits of the human body. These tentacles are placed on the human's back and controlled by connecting to the nervous system and the brain. Peter and Octavius ​​argue about the danger of tentacles, but Octavius ​​continues to use mechanical tentacles. Meanwhile, the team of Li, Electro, Vulture, Rhino, and Scorpion, who managed to escape from the prison, aim to catch Spider-Man. Spider-Man cannot cope with such evil and is caught. Li and the others deliver Spider-Man to Octavius. Octavius ​​and the other villains activate Devil's Breath in Times Square, and a mass epidemic begins. However, Spider-Man is held responsible for all this epidemic and damage.

marvel's spider-man remastered story

Spider-Man slowly begins to take back the city, defeating Electro and the other villains. Meanwhile, Mary Jane has infiltrated Osborn to gather information. The most important piece of information Mary Jane learns is that Li stole the Devil's Breath's antidote. Meanwhile, a spider secretly hides in Mary Jane's body and escapes from Osborn. Miles, who has been in the background since the beginning of the story, is bitten by this spider.

The End of Marvel's Spider-Man

Wounded, Spider-Man climbs the Oscorp Tower to fight Octavius. Octavius ​​and Spider-Man start a fierce fight. After fighting for a long time, Spider-Man is victorious. Spider-Man, who has the antidote, must choose between his aunt and the public. May tells Peter she knows he is Spider-Man and is proud of him.

Three months after the battle between Spider-Man and Octavius, New York returns to normal. Meanwhile, Miles confesses to Peter that he has gained spider powers. Peter shows off his spider powers and the scene closes.

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