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MADiSON Review

MADiSON Review

If you're into horror-themed games with puzzles and disturbing images, Madison might be the game for you this year. If you've played Outlast, Madison's gameplay will be comfortable for you.

Based on the game, is a game where we solve puzzles and advance the story from a first-person perspective. You have one camera in your hand in the game. Using this camera, you can take pictures of the other world and advance the story. You must find a clue in each photo and follow that clue to solve the puzzles in the plot.

8Very Good
  • Well-designed puzzles
  • Extremely eerie atmosphere design
  • First-person experience
  • Genuinely scary
  • Gameplay is not too long
  • The sound effects are a bit too repetitive

Everything You Need to Know About MADiSON


The Story of MADiSON

The play starts with the father of the character we are directing disowning the character we are directing. Our character organizes an invocation ritual. According to the father of our character, the character we manage is a sinful creature. The story continues at this point as the player leaves the room. The aim of our character is to get out of his grandmother's house. Madison has a classic story that you can see in many horror movies. According to the story, there is an evil spirit haunting the house. Throughout the game, you will try to escape from this evil spirit and fight against it.

Gameplay Mechanics

Based on the game, it demands that you interact with the objects around you. While solving puzzles, you must collect daily-use items around. You also need to carefully research your surroundings. If you see photos or objects related to photography around you, it means you can use your camera. You can interact with the spiritual world and collect clues using your camera.

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Madison is a game where your complete platforms by solving puzzles. For this reason, you may need to go through tight spaces, open locked doors, or escape from the chasing spirit by using the doors. Since you do not use any weapons in the game, you cannot respond to the spirit chasing you. This situation increases the fear element of the game. If you had a gun, you would feel safe. However, you feel helpless because the game does not allow the use of any weapons in the early stages. The feeling of helplessness is a dominant theme throughout the game. This theme manages to scare the player by using it correctly in the game.


Madison is a game with realistic graphics. Our character's hands, objects on the walls, and photographs are designed quite realistically. This situation makes you nervous while playing the game. Since the creature that comes to your wife is designed realistically, you can jump out of the screen during jumpscare moments. The colour palette of the game is pastel and dark tones. It adds to the dark and reactionary atmosphere of the game. If you are looking for a realistic horror game, Madison will satisfy you in terms of graphics quality.

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Is MADiSON Worth Playing?

If you like horror games, if you enjoy jumpscare sessions with realistic graphics, Madison is a playable game for you. However, if you don't like the horror elements, we recommend that you don't play Madison if jumpscare is an unpleasant experience for you. In other words, Madison is a must-try game for horror game enthusiasts.

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