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Loading Screen Simulator

Release Date: 13.07.2017
Languages: English

Compare the cheapest prices for Loading Screen Simulator with to find the best deal. Discover where to buy the cheapest Loading Screen Simulator PC key. You can also explore Loading Screen Simulator system requirements, watch its Twitch streams and see the game stats below.

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About Game

A game about never-ending problem of loading screens. We've all experienced it while playing games, while downloading something, while installing an operating system ect. And now you can experience it once again in Loading Screen Simulator: Steam edition

This is a classical clicker style game. Click the button get points, spend those points, get more points, repeat, ...? , profit.
Originally this game started as a weekend project just for fun. And I never expected it to be a part of Steam but a lot of people wanted it, so here you go. You're welcome

This version is a little different from the original. It has 19 achievements and some minor changes

Music from the game was made by Kevin Macleod
Music from the trailer "in the hall of the mountain king"
Supported Languages: English

System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements:
  • OS: Window XP
  • Processor: 2.33GHz or faster x86-compatible processor, or Intel Atom™ 1.6GHz or faster processor for netbook class devices
  • Memory: 150 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel integrated
  • Storage: 150 MB available space