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Kiwi Clicker Review

Kiwi Clicker Review

Kiwi Clicker, an idle/clicker game with a minimalist look, actually has a bunch of cool mechanics once you get the basics of the game. Here is everything you need to know before playing Kiwi Clicker from the gameplay to graphics.

The Idle/Clicker game genre has seen a huge boom in the last decade. This has led to a glut of half-baked ideas and quick cash grabs in the gaming industry. That’s why going into Kiwi Clicker I was afraid that it was nothing but a game that was going to kill me every 30 seconds and ask for cash to fill up my life.

But Kiwi Clicker turned out to be the complete opposite. It is the way the developer values your time and life as an individual player that made me want to keep coming for more. 

8Very Good
  • Gamer-friendly gameplay
  • Easy mechanics
  • Suitable for a variety of game styles
  • Graphics
  • Too short
  • Few bugs

Everything You Need to Know About Kiwi Clicker - Juiced Up

Kiwi Clicker - Juiced Up
Kiwi Clicker - Juiced Up


Starting the Game

You won't find much at the beginning, so your main goal is to click the Kiwi until enough kings are killed to move to the transcendence stage.
After you have crossed the threshold, you will receive a prestige tree that includes upgrades to the five stages in the Kiwi delivery procedure.
Prestige should be earned as soon as possible after you have reached the quota for prestiging, as professions are infinitely more fun.

Prestige Tree

Next, your objective is to move up through the prestige tree's lower levels. This will be accomplished primarily by clicking Kiwis, placing them in each bag, and then getting koins per delivered Kiwi. These will speed up the process.

is kiwi clicker worth playing

The Krowned Klub

This area can be accessed if you collect one of the Krowns found at the end of prestige branches. Three penances can be accessed with one Krown. Penances can be considered as challenge runs. They offer a prestige token multiplier, +10%, for every milestone that is reached in a particular penance.


This game has 3 professions each with its own skiwitree:

  • Archery will fire up your clicker/auto clicker gameplay and give you click-targets arrows.
  • Alchemy allows semi-active play. You can strengthen your station with a selection of potions.
  • Carpentry enhances your idle experience via automated gameplay, earns and growing bonuses

kiwi clicker review


The graphics are really simple with saturated colors and a minimalistic cartoon style. In short, it is REALLY cute. It is not tiring for the eye, and not hard to understand. Everything you need is there on the screen and the menu is easy to use. 

Is Kiwi Clicker Worth Playing?

This is a better idle game than I expected. The top thing I like about this game is being able to choose from 3 different patches at the end of every prestige, which works well with very different playstyles. The action is fun, the graphics are cute, and the game tries its best to not make you hate it. If you are looking for an idle game and not sure what to play, you’ve found it now. 

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