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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Story

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Story

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a medieval-themed game with a good story developed by an independent studio. At the heart of the game is a war and a story under the medieval theme.

If you're curious about the game's story, keep reading!

Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Beginning of the Story

The main character of the play, Henry, is a teenager living in the silver mining town of Skalitz. Henry's father is a blacksmith who produces swords for the village and the city. At the beginning of the story, Henry is assigned to take money from a villager. After Henry somehow gets the money belonging to his father, he begins to chat with his father. Meanwhile, a Cuman army under the command of Sigismund attacks Skalitz. One of Sigismund's soldiers kills Henry's parents. Meanwhile, Henry sets off for Rattay with the other survivors, led by Sir Radzig.

kingdom come deliverance story

Henry's Sorrow

Henry is angry and upset that his family is not properly buried. Having just lost his family, Henry longs for revenge. For this reason, he returns to Skalitz, ignoring Divish's orders. On the way to Skalitz, Henry encounters a group of bandits. The bandit leader, the Runt, defeats Henry in a duel and steals Henry's sword. Henry's sword is the item that bears his last memory of his father. Before Henry loses consciousness, he sees a man trying to save him.

Retrieving the Sword

Henry was saved from death by Captain Robard. He silently vows to take back his father's sword and avenge his parents. However, Henry must first learn to fight. For this reason, he enters the service of Sir Hanuš. Henry and Sir Hanuš's soldiers protect Capon from Cuman soldiers. After this war, Henry becomes the ambassador of Sir Radzig. Henry hears rumors about a bandit attack on a farm. As a result of his research, Henry discovers the bandits' secret camp. In this camp is Runt, who stole his father's sword. Henry, along with Radzig and Divish's soldiers, raids the bandit camp and kills Runt. However, Henry is unable to find his father's sword at the camp and on Runt's corpse.

kingdom come deliverance plot

Henry begins to track down a group of bandits near Sasau. After infiltrating the bandits' ranks, the bandits set out for his castle. In that castle, Henry encounters a familiar face, Istvan Toth. Istvan dislikes Henry and orders him to be tortured. According to Istvan, Henry is the illegitimate son of Sir Razdig.

Henry manages to escape from the castle with the help of a former Skalitz peasant. He also tells Sir Radzig everything he heard in the castle. Sir Radzig accepts Henry as his son. Armies gather and surround the bandit's stronghold. However, Istvan infiltrates Talmberg with an army of mercenaries.

End of the Story

Catapults and siege tools are built to besiege Talmberg. Meanwhile, noblemen and ladies are held hostage inside Talmberg. Istvan wishes to guarantee his safety and escape in exchange for the hostages. After Talmberg is recaptured, Sir Radzig makes a statement to Henry. According to this statement, Radzig is Henry's natural father. As a result, Henry begins his new life as a nobleman. However, his goal is still to retrieve his father's sword and avenge those who killed his parents.

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