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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Cheats

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Cheats

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a narrative open-world game with medieval-themed role-playing elements. One of the most critical features that differentiate this game from other games is that the combat system is difficult compared to other medieval games.

For example, there is no crosshair available for you to point at your opponents when fighting with a bow or a ranged weapon. These and similar gameplay mechanics increase the difficulty level of the game. If you're curious about the official cheat codes for Kingdom Come: Deliverance, keep reading!

Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Kingdom Come: Deliverance

How to activate cheats in Kingdom Come: Deliverance?

To start using cheat codes in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, the first thing you need to do is open the developer console. At any stage of the game, you can access the developer console by pressing the tilde key (~) and start typing the cheat codes.

When you open the developer console, you may be attacked by your opponents as the game continues in the background. To avoid this situation, it would be safer to open the developer console while on your inventory screen.

kingdom come deliverance cheats

Cheat Codes

Crosshair Code

We mentioned that there are no crosshairs for ranged weapons in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. It negatively affects your accuracy when shooting with a bow or ranged weapon. However, if you type the "wh_plshowfirecursor 1" command in the developer console and click the enter button, a crosshair that you can use on ranged weapons will be added to the game.

If you want to deactivate the crosshair, you can use the "wh_plshowfirecursor 0" command.

Grass Draw Distance Code

Kingdom Come: Deliverance's grass draw distance is set to 20 by default. If you trust your computer and want to see the grass at a far distance, you can use the "e_MergedMeshesInstanceDist 30" command.

On the contrary, if you experience FPS drops when you run the game, you can use the "e_MergedMeshesInstanceDist 10" command. You can run the game at optimum performance by specifying the numbers in the code yourself.

Field of View Code

Kingdom Come: Deliverance has four different FoV settings. If these settings are not enough for you and you want to set the FoV setting yourself, you can customize the FoV setting by typing the desired value instead of the X in the “cl_fov X” command.

cheat codes kingdom come deliverance

Money Cheat Code

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an offline game with its currency and economic system. For this reason, you will need money to buy items, armor, and weapons in the game. If making money in the game has become tiring, you can get money by typing the value you want instead of X in the "wh_cheat_money X" command.

  • i.e wh_cheat_money 5000

The same is true for obtaining an in-game item. If you want to add an item to your inventory in-game, you can use the "wh_cheat_addItem (item's name)" command.

Other Cheat Codes

There are also console commands that cannot be used in-game. You need to use a mod to activate these console commands. You can diversify console commands by installing this mod named CHEAT. Among the codes activated with the mod, there are cheats such as teleport, kill, spawn, and quicksave.

Finally, every game is developed to provide different experiences to the players. If it is difficult to make money in a game, it is a mechanic that game developers have deliberately added to the game. Accordingly, we recommend that you use the cheats in moderation to get maximum fun from the game!

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