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Junkyard Truck Review

Junkyard Truck Review

Junkyard Truck simulates off-road driving and mechanics in an open-world setting, what more do we want? Let's review this game thoroughly.

In Junkyard Truck, your old truck can be upgraded, maintained, and built. You can make money by driving, scavenging or gambling. Your aim is to build a truck that can handle the most difficult tasks on the map.

  • Variety in jobs
  • Fully illustrated service manual
  • Well-designed simulator
  • Graphics could have been better
  • Several bugs and glitches


Here is your introductory guide to Junkyard Truck.

First, buy an old truck at the junkyard. You'll need parts to repair or replace, then you can put it back together. Once the truck is up and running, you are able to take on road missions and earn money by using it. If the missions are too hard, go to the auto parts store for better parts, wheels, and accessories. You might also need to scrape the junkyard if funds are tight. Once you are satisfied with the power of your truck and you have sufficient funds for major repairs, you can start to tackle some of the map’s challenges such as rock crawls and hill climbs.

is junkyard truck worth playing

Don't worry if you aren't a skilled mechanic. In Junkyard Truck, a fully illustrated service manual comes with your truck. A mechanic is available to inspect your truck and make repairs if necessary.

It is a lot easier than My Summer Car, but there are more things to do in order to raise money to upgrade your car. As the developers add more content, it will become one of the most useful car-building simulator games.

Junkyard Truck
Junkyard Truck

World Design

It is a great concept. This small world revolves around your truck. The gameplay feels like "point and click" and the nonanimated low polygons are actually quite funny. However, it makes the world seem strangely cold and isolated. 

Still, the open world offers you a lot to do and you can get hours of content. 

junkyard trcuk review


We have some issues with the visuals, to be honest. The shadows move so fast and looking at them for a while makes you seriously dizzy. Other aspects of the graphics are not significantly worse or better than other simulators so we will give it a passing score. By changing some settings, you might get a better visual experience. 

Is Junkyard Truck Worth Playing?

This game is especially recommended if you like Mon Bazou or MSC. But you will need patience as there are some bugs and optimization problems to be fixed. Since release, we've already had two updates and I can only see the game getting better in the future. 

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