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Isonzo - Glacial Units Pack
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  • Isonzo - Glacial Units Pack

Isonzo - Glacial Units Pack

Release Date: 09.11.2023
Languages: English, French, Polish ...

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About Game

The ‘Glacial Units’ pack contains a series of uniforms for unprepared troops struggling to keep warm or stay concealed in the freezing conditions of the wintery Alps. Finding themselves fighting on Europe's highest peaks in frigid conditions the troops often had to scrape together whatever they could to prepare for the extreme cold. This pack has two sets of mostly improvised uniforms for all classes, plus moustaches and beards, facial items, and faces.

The ‘Glacial Units’ pack contains 40+ items:

  • 6 Italian Uniforms
  • 13 Italian Headgear Items
  • 6 Austro-Hungarian Uniforms
  • 13 Austro-Hungarian Headgear Items
  • 7 Facial Items
  • 5 Mustaches
  • 2 Faces (one per faction)

In the winter of 1915, both Italy and Austria-Hungary found themselves unprepared to properly equip their troops with cold-weather gear. As the snow settled, soldiers had to make do with what they could, and the range of uniforms included in this pack reflects that. In the glacial cold this apparel, paired with scarves, gloves and mittens, should help in trying to keep you warm (and alive) until the Spring.

The Austro-Hungarians get utilitarian snow overcoats (not terribly warm, but useful camouflage) and later war grey greatcoats - there’s even an Austro-Hungarian officer forgoing all the style and bombast befitting his rank in preference for an ill-fitting white overcoat.

As an Italian soldier you can wear a selection of greatcoats, a fashionable open army cape or a warm sheep’s wool vest. The Italian Alpini enjoy a uniform kitted out with ice climbing cleats and a stylish cape, while their officers can luxuriate with a fur collared greatcoat.

Headgear includes the practical snow covers of the Austro-Hungarian Feldkappe, canvas Adrian helmets with goggles, and a wide array of improvised wraps to help keep your face out of the biting cold. Many of these variants are equipable with balaclavas, goggles, or other items appropriate for winter warfare. For those wishing to choose both warmth and style, the Italian officer gets a fur lined greatcoat which should be just the ticket!

Included in this pack also are several facial hair styles. Choices range from the impractical whiskers of the KuK’s 79 year old soldier Gaspar Wallnöfer to the extravagant Victor Emmanuel II of Italy or the fancy Hulihee beard sported by a young Franz-Joseph I. Facial customisation items include an array of glasses designed for snowy conditions, alongside a series of smoking pipes. For the soldier with a more expensive taste, there’s a fine cigar.


Supported Languages: English, French, Polish, Spanish - Spain, German, Turkish, Portuguese - Brazil, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese - Portugal

System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements:


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
Recommended System Requirements:


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system