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I'm On Observation Duty 2 Review

I'm On Observation Duty 2 Review

I'm on Observation Duty 2 is a horror themed game where the player's job is to monitor live surveillance camera footage and spot anomalies in the monitored rooms.

Anomalies range from furniture movement to otherworldly intruders. The game has been critically acclaimed for its unique take on the classic "spot the difference / flaw" games like Papers, Please, but with a horror twist that adds tension and suspense. Players must be sharp-eyed and have good memories if they want to survive the night and uncover any secrets along the way.

7Very Good
  • Unique twist on classic “spot the difference/flaw” puzzle games.
  • Smooth and realistic graphics give off a Kubrick feel at times.
  • Light horror elements that add tension and suspense without relying on jump scares.
  • Lighting choices can make visuals too dark for some players to enjoy fully.
  • Message system of first level is a bit silly compared to earlier versions of game

Is I'm on Observation Duty 2 Multiplayer?

You can play alone or with friends, so let's dive into I'm on Observation Duty 2 and see what it offers!

im on observation duty 2 review

Game Plot

In I'm on Observation Duty 2 your job is to monitor live surveillance camera footage of a strange house filled with anomalies ranging from furniture changing positions or otherworldy intruders appearing out of nowhere. When you spot an anomaly all you have to do is file an anomaly report describing the type and location of the anomaly then fix it before time runs out! As you progress through each level new dangers appear forcing players to use their wits in order to survive until morning. Along your journey players may even uncover some hidden secrets waiting within this haunted house...

I'm on Observation Duty 2: Timothy's Revenge
I'm on Observation Duty 2: Timothy's Revenge


The gameplay itself revolves around using surveillance cameras as well as various tools such as scanners which help detect changes in objects within each room. Players also need keen observation skills if they want to identify any anomalies quickly before they cause too much chaos throughout the house - four simultaneous active anomalies will trigger a game over! There are also some mini-games scattered throughout which offer additional challenges such as finding keys or defusing bombs - these give players something extra fun while breaking up potential monotony between levels. This offers great replayability value for those looking for more than just survival horror experience!

is im on observation duty 2 worth playing


The graphics are smooth and realistic, giving off almost a Kubrick feel at times with certain eerie scenes that add another layer of immersion during gameplay - though some might find them too dark without enough contrast due to lighting choices made by developers; however this does not detract from overall atmosphere created by visuals!

im on observation duty 2 plot

Is It Worth Playing?

If you're looking for an interesting take on classic "spot-the-difference/flaw" style puzzle games, then I'm On Observation Duty 2 could definitely be worth playing! The atmosphere created by visuals combined with light horror elements make this game stand out amongst others in same genre - though there isn't much content overall (only one full house), it still provides plenty enough challenge especially when played alongside friends who can work together towards common goal: surviving night shift without getting caught up in mysterious disturbances happening inside haunted mansion

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