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Hero Siege - Gates of Valhalla Review

Hero Siege - Gates of Valhalla Review

Hero Siege - Gates of Valhalla is an interesting expansion pack for the already popular game, Hero Siege.

It adds a new Act 8 with a Jötunn class, new quest lines and side quests, new items, enemies and bosses to fight as well as dungeons to explore. The introduction of the story elements is a nice change from its regular play style but it also detracts from the flow.

There is an unexpected shoot'em up sequence in which the player has to navigate their boat around enemy projectiles and attacks which can be incredibly frustrating due to its slow movement speed.

Hero Siege - Gates of Valhalla
Hero Siege - Gates of Valhalla

hero siege gates of Valhalla review

Boss of Hero Siege - Gates of Valhalla

The boss battle at the end of this segment can be difficult if you don't have enough health or gear because of how long it takes to reach that point again if you die. This portion could definitely use some reworking as it doesn't fit with the rest of the game very well and adds more frustration than fun.

What's New?

Other than this portion, there are still plenty of great things about this expansion pack such as new enemies and bosses to fight, dungeons to explore and other features like additional items and characters that make it exciting for players who want more out of Hero Siege game play. Unfortunately though there are many bugs present in Act 8 such as visual bugs and items running away from you during gameplay which can cause problems when trying to progress through certain areas or beat certain bosses.

is hero siege gates of Valhalla worth playing

Is it worth playing?

Overall while Hero Siege - Gates Of Valhalla has some really great content available for those who enjoy playing Hero Siege on PC or mobile devices, unfortunately due its buggy nature combined with one awkward section near then end makes it hard for me personally recommend currently until these issues are addressed in future updates or patches.

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