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Hearthstone Review

Hearthstone Review

Although Hearthstone is a popular game, it has a bad reputation for RNG. Sometimes, even though you have cards on your board that protect you and you think they will protect you, all three arcane missiles can hit you directly.

Of course, that doesn't mean it's always bad. Sometimes, when you are desperate, you can draw the only card you need from your deck.

8Very Good
  • Battleground mode is very enjoyable
  • Every game feels different
  • Keeping it constantly updated
  • In some ways it is a pay to win game
  • Finishing a game takes too long

I don't think the reasons for his bad reputation are because of what happened on this battlefield. The main reason for its notoriety is that not one of the rarest cards comes out of the first packs you buy. I could write all night about this notoriety because it is at a point that gives me a lot of tilt. But instead, I want to look at the big picture and talk about the aspects of the game that make me happy. In my article, I will talk about the game I hate the most, Pay to Win, and my favorite mode, the Battlegrounds mode.

Is it really free to play?

Although I do not want to talk about the bad times, I would like to touch on the topic that pisses me off the most. The game is a card game that you play against other players or the computer by making decks. You get a character with certain spells, and there are really a variety of characters in our game. At the same time, our cards have their own classes and their own characteristics. That's why it's really important to prepare the decks with matching cards. If you make a very mismatched deck, it's almost impossible to beat. Although the strategy is in the foreground, it doesn't make much sense if the decks you prepare are not very good. This is where I got angry.

is hearthstone free

The game gives you cards to prepare your deck at the beginning, but the majority of those cards are the cards that everyone has. Our cards also have a unique rarity rating, which makes your cards stronger overall. You have to open books to find new cards. You can find or buy these books as you complete the task. But the regular books you don't buy are generally extremely bad. The purchased ones are just as strong. Therefore, after a certain period of time, unfortunately, the game switches to pay to win. This event I mentioned is actually valid for the Arena. While playing ranked in the Arena, you mostly come across people without cards like you, but as you get higher, there are players with cards that you have never seen in your life.

Actually, even if it looks like a little pay to get stronger, I think it's definitely a pay to win the game. Because straight development is really hard. You just have to play Hearthstone and be an extremely patient person. I am not that patient a person, so I am constantly alienated from the game and come back after not playing for a few months. Disgusted I can say that I am in a loop. Producers, please give the new players nice cards as well.



I haven't played the game for a really long time just because of this, but in the past few months, during a chat with a friend of mine, I learned that a new mode has been added to the game. Maybe some of you know. A mod prepared with the logic of Autochess has arrived. In this mode, eight players play against each other with completely random cards. You don't have your own deck and the game is completely random, giving everyone a card per hand. I haven't been able to get up from the game since I started this mode. It's a game I love to play anyway, and everyone is completely equal.

hearthstone review

Of course, since I read Sun Tzu's The Art of War book, I made a mess of everyone from the first day. As an excellent strategist, I've only been won three times. Anyway, If you have left the game like me and are not aware of this mod, I definitely recommend you play it. In fact, while I am writing this article, I am choosing a card in the back and strengthening my army.

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