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Halls of Torment Review

Halls of Torment Review

Halls of Torment is an exciting and challenging horde survival roguelite. Players can choose from a variety of hero characters and descend into the deadly Halls of Torment to battle unholy horrors from beyond.

The game features pre-rendered retro graphics, quest-based meta progression, diverse abilities, traits, and items that enable players to create interesting synergies, unique bosses with their own attack patterns and mechanics, unlockable items which can be retrieved for use in future runs, dozens of characters providing many different playstyles, multiple underground worlds to explore as well as interactive environments which allow players to use traps and hazards to their advantage.

8Very Good
  • Old school pre rendered artstyle
  • Large selection of diverse abilities, traits, and items
  • Unlock and explore multiple interesting and challenging underground worlds
  • Items can be retrieved to the overworld but it is not a major feature in the game yet.

Everything You Need to Know About Halls of Torment 

Halls of Torment
Halls of Torment

What does Early Access include?

The Early Access content includes 3+ stages unique environment; 7+ playable characters; 11+ upgradable abilities; 12+ unique bosses; 30+ monsters; 14+ blessings making you stronger for each attempt; 50+ different items to unlock and retrieve; 500+ traits that upgrade characters and abilities as well as 150 quests to complete. Halls of Torment is a great game expansion pack for those looking for a Diablo-inspired survivors-like experience with lots of intriguing character customization options.


Halls of Torment is a challenging and rewarding survival roguelite game with an old school pre-rendered art style. Players can choose from a variety of hero characters to descend into the Halls of Torment and fight off hordes of terrifying monsters. With an impressive selection of character traits, abilities, and items, players have plenty to explore in order to create powerful builds for each run. The quest based meta progression encourages strategic play as well as experimentation with different strategies.

The Quick and casual runs last for around 30 minutes which keeps the game interesting without feeling too long or tedious. The diverse bosses feature unique mechanics and attack patterns that provide players with plenty of challenge while also allowing them to make use of traps and hazards in their environment for tactical advantage. As the player progresses through each run they are able unlock powerful items that can be used in future runs; these items enable them to venture even deeper into the abyss.

halls of torment review

So far, Halls of Torment has provided a fantastic experience full of challenge, strategy, and reward. There is already an impressive amount content available with seven playable characters, eleven upgradable abilities, twelve bosses, thirty unique monsters along with fifty different items to unlock among many others features available during early access stage - all this ensures there’s always something new just around the corner! I’m looking forward to seeing how much more content will be added once it’s released fully!


Halls of Torment features a pre-rendered retro art style that is reminiscent of RPGs from the late 90s. The visuals are crisp and detailed, with characters, enemies, and environments all having their own unique look and feel. The game also has a variety of effects such as lighting and particle effects which further enhance the atmosphere. The animations are smooth and fluid, giving the game a polished look overall. Despite its retro art style, Halls of Torment still manages to create an immersive atmosphere that can be enjoyed by both old-school fans and newcomers alike.

is halls of torment worth playing

Is it worth playing?

Yes! Halls of Torment is a great game that offers many unique features. It has a pre-rendered retro look and allows players to choose from a variety of hero characters to fight hordes of monsters. There are lots of abilities, traits, items, bosses, and monsters to unlock and explore as you progress through the game. The quests add another layer of challenge as you complete them for rewards. You can customize your builds with various gear and trinkets offering plenty of replayability. With its quick runs lasting 30 minutes or less, Halls of Torment is worth trying out if you're looking for an intense roguelite experience.

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