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Graphwar Review

Graphwar Review

Graphwar allows you to use mathematical functions to strike your enemies. Your functions will determine the trajectory of your shot. Taking place in the Cartesian Plane, the goal of Graphwar is to avoid all obstacles and hit your opponents. 

If you trust your mathematical skills enough to use them in war, let’s dive into the game review, look at the best and not-so-great parts of Graphwar and answer the questions you might have.

  • Fun to play with friends
  • Really satisfactory gameplay
  • You've never used maths for a better purpose
  • Original and promising
  • There are a few bugs
  • Not for you if you can not do mathematics

Everything you need to know about Graphwar


Have you ever had one of those days, where you are sitting at the back of the class in a math lecture and having an existential crisis about where you are ever going to use this information? The answer is… In Graphwar! What this game has to offer is fantastic and the satisfaction you get from finally figuring out how to strike with sin waves and parabolas is hard to put into words. 


At first, the gameplay might seem terrifying and super difficult, but don’t give up. The more you play, the better you get and understand the logic behind it. Although, there could have been a more detailed manual on how to play or how the functions work. Also, you figure out the grid and parameters almost by a complete trial and error method, which can get quite boring and repetitive after a few tries. It would have been a lot better if the grid was more self-explanatory. 

is graphwar worth playing


Up until today, I am sure you have challenged your friends in aiming, survival, strategy and various other PC gaming skill. Now it’s your chance to go the extra mile and duel them in a Cartesian field. Graphwar is so fun to play with your friends, especially if your skills are on a similar level so the battle is challenging. Global multiplayer works really well too, so if you don’t have friends playing the game, you can still challenge many others around the globe. 

Why Can’t Other People Join the Games You Created?

It’s an error that normally shouldn’t happen. Your friends should be able to join your game without any problems, but If you are having issues, that can be due to several factors. It is likely that your router is blocking you from accessing the Internet. You must allow connections on a specific port. How to do this depends on the brand of your device, you can check out the manual. 


The game has several bugs and glitches. One of the biggest issues is the protection against teleporting attacks. This mechanics makes sense to establish fairer gameplay but also causes many problems with how functions work. It kind of gives the feeling that the developer favors certain functions more than others as he sacrificed some of them so that others can work more properly. 

graphwar review

Are you located at the origin?

No, you are not. The biggest misconception while starting the game is to think that your soldier is at the origin. But it isn’t! Translating the function in the y-axis will cause the function to pass through your soldier at the x-coordinate. This doesn’t mean you have to be at the 0 point on the y-axis. It only means that an addition to your function is made by a constant. If it is not clear enough, you can see the tutorial at the beginning of the game for a more detailed explanation. 

Is Graphwar Worth Playing?

If you enjoy mathematics and think that you are skilled, Graphwar is a promising game for you. It is really satisfactory and fun, especially when it is played with friends. 

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