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God of War Review

God of War Review

The place of Gof of War series is very different for me. It is one of the rare games that I count the days for each game to be released. The first trilogy set in Greek mythology (and the spin-offs coming to the PSP platform) has always satisfied me in terms of story and gameplay.

It has always been fun to play games that are linear and completely based on boss battles. Finally, my dreams came true and I had the opportunity to play a God of War game on PC. Although I finished it many times on PlayStation, I also opened the PC version and played it again with pleasure. Although God of War (2018) was made with great risk, it must be said that they were completely overcome.

  • Leviathan Ax
  • Story
  • The open world is beautiful and the side quests are fun
  • Action variety
  • Limited number of boss battles

A Completely New Experience

Frankly, I was surprised when I heard that a new God of War game was coming. For me, the story ended very well and the 3rd game of the series took the level to a very high place. I never thought it could go above this. When I saw the first gameplay video of the game, I was in shock. The game wasn't the God of War I know. It was a completely different game. No Blades of Chaos, we're not in Olympus, we've grown a beard and we have a son. I had mixed feelings even though I appreciated trying a new formula when there was already a formula that worked. I was always wondering if they could handle this. Finally that day came and God of War made his debut and I guess I did nothing but play it for 4 days.

god of war review

The Leviathan Axe completely changed the action of the game and made it much better in my opinion. Getting into the action with the axe was so enjoyable that when I was about to defeat the enemies I loved to fight, I was deliberately defeating and trying to play better again. As far as I know, the person who made the Leviathan Axe has passed away, and I ask everyone reading this to leave an 'F' for that beautiful person. Not only the gameplay, but also the story, it appeared in a way that puts it on top of the previous games. The story of the game was so gripping that I spent hours on the internet learning about its side characters. I wanted to know everyone. I wanted to connect with and love all the characters, and the game made me love even the enemies. Especially in the last battle with Baldur, I sometimes even refused to fight him and wanted to quit the game.

God of War
God of War

As a child growing up with Kratos, I always saw Atreus as my own son, and this father-son relationship is perhaps one of the best things the game has accomplished. It was very important for the action to use Atreus effectively in battles, and when he got angry with us in the game and didn't take our directions, I wanted to punch the ground in anger.

The Game That Makes Me Love Things I Don't Like

I'm a very straight player. Open world games really tire me out and I mostly just want to focus on the main storyline. That's why I generally use my priority in games that progress linearly. Even though God of War's being an open world inevitably created a prejudice for me, the game's makers have constructed the open world very well. It gave me incredible pleasure to go to different Realms and take on different tasks. Even though I didn't have a job in that Realm, I wanted to spend more time. The realms, especially where I tested my strength and gameplay, were tremendously enjoyable. All of the side missions had a story and the game handled that very well. Since Kratos is a full duty person and we play for a purpose throughout the game, it is actually unreasonable to take a mission from a ghost you see on the shore.

god of war is it good

This is where Atreus comes into play and increases your motivation by saying words like "Dad, let's do it, let's help", but Kratos still does not hesitate to express his dissatisfaction with this situation while taking the tasks. Let's get to the Valkyries. There are 9 difficult enemies in total, including Sigrun, one of whom is the Queen. These fights have always been the most difficult fights in the game. All of them have their own moves and you have to learn them separately. Especially note that Sigrun made me miserable. She's like a boss from Dark Souls games, she's strong and has a lot of special moves. You can’t decrease health and she kills you in two hits. But that sense of accomplishment you get when you beat each and every one of them is very nice. Another thing that bothers me with games is the loading times (unfortunately, I don't have a very good computer). God of War has also found a solution to this problem. While the game is loading, you move to another realm where you chat with Mimir or Atreus. Mimir tells beautiful stories and you forget that time passes. The same is true when navigating the open world. While traveling in the open world, sometimes I even went slowly just to finish the story Mimir told.

is god of war worth it

Deserves All Praise

2018's God of War is a game that deserves all the praise it gets. The game has some shortcomings, but it is still such a good production that you can ignore those shortcomings. For example, the biggest shortcoming of the game is very few boss battles. You fight 3 different enemies that you can count as a real boss battle. I don't want to involve them in boss battles as Valkyries are side quests and not mandatory. In the second game, this event should definitely be improved. Other than that, there was no other major problem that caught my eye. The variety of action and variety of enemies was certainly sufficient and satisfying. Each enemy has its own weak points and combat styles, preventing the action of the game from falling into repetition. The story is great and the open world is fun to navigate. Even if the second game of the series will be released this year, it seems like it will be a little late for us to experience it on PC. However, if you ask me, Ragnarok will make its PC debut one day and then I will meet you again in these lines.

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