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FPV SkyDive : FPV Drone Simulator Review

FPV SkyDive : FPV Drone Simulator Review

FPV.SkyDive is a free-to-play realistic drone racing and freestyle simulator that allows you to experience high speed first person view (FPV) drone racing and freestyle tricks in both single player and multiplayer scenarios.

Developed by Orqa, FPV.SkyDive has become an increasingly popular way for players to test their skills as they master the art of flying drones in immersive 3D environments. In this review, we will be looking into the features, gameplay, pros and cons of this popular simulator game.

7Very Good
  • Free-to-play
  • Great graphics
  • Seamless controller integration
  • Something off with the physics

Gameplay & Features

The gameplay of FPV.SkyDive is centered around its realistic flight simulation with optimized physics for the most lifelike flying experience possible, allowing players to truly feel like they are in control of their own personal drone as they race through virtual courses or practice freestyle tricks. The game also offers a variety of maps with vibrant 3d worlds to explore while participating in races or challenges alone or against other online players and joining a growing community of FPV pilots from all over the world.

fpv skydive drone simulator review

Additionally, seamless controller integration allows users to calibrate and fine tune their rates along with using their favorite controllers right away without any additional setup required on the players part for maximum comfortability when playing FPV SkyDive simulations on PC, Mac or Linux devices alike!

FPV.SkyDive : FPV Drone Racing & Freestyle Simulator
FPV.SkyDive : FPV Drone Racing & Freestyle Simulator

Pros & Cons

One major pro about this game is that its free-to-play which makes it highly accessible when compared to many other expensive simulators out there on the market today; additionally its graphics are detailed enough where you can still get an immersive gaming experience even if you dont have access to top tier hardware specs at home so long as your device meets minimum system requirements then you should be good to go!

On the downside however some gamers have mentioned feeling something off with regards to certain aspects within its physics engine such as too much inertia when controlling throttle responses particularly during more intense maneuvers while others also wish there was more drone customisation available than two maps currently being offered which may limit player creativity somewhat depending on how much time they spend exploring each environment individually; finally prop wash can feel a bit exaggerated at times leading some people believing it detracts slightly from overall realism experienced during playtime but this isnt necessarily true either since different types drones tend react differently based upon design factors related wind resistance etc

is fpv drone simulator good


Overall regardless whether one plays solo or team up with friends online FPV Skydive remains among one of most popular free flight simulation games out there offering great visuals balanced control mechanics unique gamemodes plus multiplayer capabilities perfect anyone interested testing skills mastering art aerial navigation virtual space above all having lots fun doing so! So if ever felt curious about what it might like pilot aircraft why not give try yourself see just how well stack up against competition? Who knows maybe even end becoming next big professional racer day!

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