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Forager Review

Forager Review

If you're looking for a game where you start on an island and craft new items by looting the surrounding resources, Forager is the game designed for you.

Your goal in this game is to build craft areas such as a furnace by using the loot on the island you started. As you build craft structures, you can craft more items. If you're looking for a game where you start from scratch and explore and craft items, keep reading!

7Very Good
  • Cute graphics
  • Crafting mechanics
  • Feeling of discovery
  • Not having enough explanatory content

Everything You Need to Know About Forager


Best Way to Start Playing Forager

At the start of the game, you must loot raw materials such as wood, gold ores, iron ores, rocks, and flowers on a single piece of the island. As you collect these raw materials, your character will gain experience points. When you gain enough experience points, your character will level up. When your character levels up, you gain one skill point. There are 64 different skills in total in the game. Each skill allows you to discover new crafting items. Skills expand around four different game mechanics. These mechanics are gathering, fighting, economy and industry. Skill improvements you make in the field of economy allow you to earn gold.

As you earn gold in the game, you can open other islands. Each island offers different experiences to the player. For example, at the beginning of the game, there is an island that you can unlock for 30 gold. There are fairies on this island that restore your life points and stamina. In addition, the queen of these fairies is also found on this island.

Gameplay Mechanics

After entering the game, you start to manage a white character with a pickaxe in his hand. In the upper right part of the screen, there are heart-shaped icons representing your life points. If a creature attacks you, you will lose one life point. There is a green stamina bar below the hit points. Attacking enemies and looting with a pickaxe consumes stamina. You can restore your stamina and life points by using foods such as berries, fish, and meat that you find in the game. If you interact with a fairy, both your HP and stamina will be replenished. In the lower left part of the screen, you can see the amount of money you have. There is an experience point bar at the top of the screen. The quick access bar is in the lower middle of the screen.

forager review

On the crafting screen of the game, there are parts related to war, construction, and agriculture. Every item you produce in the game is linked to another item. For example, to produce leather, you must first produce a tailor's workbench. To produce a tailor's workbench, you need a furnace. All items in the game are somehow connected with others.

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Game Graphics

Forager is a game with pixel graphics. Objects, items, and enemies in the game have a pixel design. The pixel design of the game increases the fun of the game. In addition, the game has an overhead perspective.

Is Forager Worth Playing?

If you like crafting games and you like to develop using available resources, you may be addicted to Forager.

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