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Best Far Cry 5 Mods

Best Far Cry 5 Mods

If you have finished Far Cry 5 once and want to play it again with different images or gameplay elements, there are mods designed for it. Each mod is designed to let you get a new experience from the game. If you want to know the best Far Cry 5 mods, keep reading!

5 Amazing Far Cry 5 Mods to Elevate Your Gameplay

  1. Player Clothing and Heads
  2. ViewModel-Fov-Mod
  3. Player Beards Hairstyles and Colors
  4. Better Ballistics Hunting and Optics
  5. Realistic Graphic Mod Reshade
Far Cry® 5
Far Cry® 5

Player Clothing and Heads

If the main character's appearance has become ordinary for you, you can edit your character's clothes with the Player Clothing and Heads mod. If you want street-style clothes or a character with a Retro look, this mod will satisfy you. If you enjoy taking in-game photos and want your characters to have more diverse outfits, we recommend you use this mod.

best far cry 5 mods


The definition of the game concept called Fov is the field of view. This term represents your character's view of the weapon and its surroundings. The wider your character's field of view, the farther the gun goes and the wider you begin to see the environment. Far Cry 5 has an FoV set by default. But if this FoV is not enough for you, it is possible to adjust your viewing angle with ViewModel-Fov-Mod. If you want to get a wider view, this mod is designed for you.

Player Beards Hairstyles and Colors

If you want to change your character's hair, hair colour, and beard, this mod is designed for you. You can use this mod if you like to change the appearance of your character frequently or if it is important for you to change the appearance of the main character. I am one of the players who prefer games where I can edit the appearance of the main character in the games he plays. The main reason for this is that the player does not like the character based on the formation of a bond between the player and the character. To enjoy the game, even more, you should try Player Beards Hairstyles and Colors mod.

top 5 far cry 5 mods

Far Cry 5 Better Ballistics Hunting and Optics

If you are one of those players who seek realism in games, you will notice that the weapon system of Far Cry 5 is unrealistic. However, there is a mod in the game that allows more realistic weapon use. Thanks to this mod, mechanics such as magazine size, damage, rate of fire, and the effect of the bullet by gravity become realistic. I can assure you that changing the shooting mechanics of the weapons in the game will fundamentally change your gameplay. While a game where you hunt enemies with a gun from hundreds of meters away will push you to comfort, a game where the gun is only effective at 50 meters means a different experience.

Realistic Graphic Mod Reshade

If you want to make the graphics of the game more realistic, Realistic Graphic Mod Reshade is a mod designed for you. This mod is a graphics pack that changes the overlays of the objects in the game, the shadow and light balance, and the colour pack of the game. Produced for players who want more realistic graphics, this mod is lore friendly.

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