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Everdell Review

Everdell Review

Everdell is a card game that has managed to digitize for PC in today's gaming world. Eveldell has managed to attract the attention of many players from the past to the present and has formed the basis of card games in today's world.

The main aim of the game is to develop your city and defeat your opponents by using your cards effectively. If you are looking for more detailed information about Everdell, keep reading!

8Very Good
  • User-friendly interface
  • Multiplayer games are easy to join
  • A really well-done adaption of the board game
  • Art is colorful and fun
  • Some minor bugs
  • Husband and wife cards are confusing

Gameplay Mechanics

Working Areas

The first mechanics of the game are the working areas on the game board. When the game starts, you draw six cards that you can use. Among these cards, there are cards that you can run as a worker. If you place these cards in areas where you can collect resources, you can collect resources to develop your city. In addition, there are options at the top of the game board where you can draw cards by consuming resources. To get more cards, you need to collect resources and use the resources in certain areas to get the right to draw cards.

Season Transitions

There are also season transitions among Everdell's gameplay mechanics. For example, you draw a new card in Spring and all the production cards you place in your city are activated. You get a new worker in the Summer and are entitled to draw two cards from Meadow. You will get 2 workers in Autumn and all Production cards you have placed in your city will be activated. Winter and Summer seasons are available for you to place cards and plan development for your city. You get cards during these seasons, and you can place your cards in the city. In the spring and autumn months, your production cards are activated. So, you get resources both in the fall and in the spring. You can use the resources you get to improve your city or to get more cards.


Your Personal Hedgehog

At the bottom right of the game screen, you can see the resources you have and a cute hedgehog waiting on a log. This hedgehog is the worker who will work in your city. Just below the hedgehog is a screen showing how many workers you have. If you drag and drop the hedgehog onto a workspace, you can get resources instantly. In the middle lower screen, you can see the cards you have. Beneath each card are the advantages and benefits of the card. If you complete the round after placing a hedgehog as a worker, your worker will leave at the end of the season.

everdell review

Game Graphics

Although it is a game designed from the Everdell table game, it has managed to transfer all the content of the game to the digital world with sweet animations and visuals. The animations, graphics, and color choices of the game are of high quality. In addition, most players will like both the design and animations of the hedgehogs designed as workers. Everdell is a game worth playing just to watch the hedgehog's movements and animations.

is everdell worth playing

Is Everdell Worth Playing?

If you like table games and want to experience digital versions of games of this genre, Everdell is the game designed for you. Table games often become useless after they're finished. However, the digitization of this game provides different experiences for the players. If you are interested in table games but are curious about their digital versions today, you should try Everdell.

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