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Endling - Extinction is Forever Review

Endling - Extinction is Forever Review

Endling - Extinction is Forever is a game with a unique style in which you play a mother fox running for our own cause while other forest dwellers escape from the fire while burning trees fall around in the forest. Endling - Extinction is Forever is a game that has a three-dimensional design but sees our main character, the mother fox, from the side.

Since the world design of the game is three-dimensional, there may be paths in the parts of the screen that you cannot see. We recommend that you carefully examine the surroundings to notice these paths. If you want to join the adventures of a mother fox and you like puzzle-platform, survival-style games, Endling - Extinction is Forever is the game designed for you.

8Very Good
  • Original graphics and sound design
  • The message of the game is nice
  • The camera system is creative
  • Controls are too simple

Gameplay Mechanics

The basic control scheme of the game is to go right and left. You can also climb, jump, or dig the ground to overcome obstacles. For example, at the beginning of the game, you may have to jump over the trees that fall in front of you. If there is an object that you cannot jump over, you can create a path for yourself by digging under that object. There are also platforms you can climb on. As you climb these platforms, you will notice that the fox you control has a certain climbing power. By using this power correctly, you need to solve the puzzles that come your way.

Camera System

Endling - Extinction is Forever has a camera system that allows you to look around. It is possible to look in directions such as right, left, top and bottom by using the arrow keys on your keyboard. In addition, one of the mechanics you will use most in the game is the smell mechanic. Each mission in the game has its own scent colour. For example, the smell of animals you need to hunt is shown in green. The scent of your lost puppies is shown in different colours. It is possible to advance the missions by following these scents.

endling extinction is forever review

Watch Out for Danger!

There are several dangerous elements in the game both for you and your puppies. The first of these dangerous elements is the bear traps around. If you proceed carelessly, the fox you control will be caught in a bear trap. You need to spot bear traps in advance and jump over them. The second dangerous element is the people and fishermen around. They try to catch you. If you are spotted with them, running away is your best option. The last dangerous element is wild animals. For example, owls represent a danger to your offspring. You must be careful with wild animals.

Endling - Extinction is Forever
Endling - Extinction is Forever

Game Graphics

Endling - Extinction is Forever a game with graphics in the style of drawing. The creatures, objects, and the world of the game look like they came out of a cartoon. In addition, the game uses light and dark colour tones by combining them. The fact that the game has cartoon-style graphics allows the game to work on low-spec PCs as well.

endling extinction is forever game review

The Message Conveyed by the Game Itself

In today's world, there are issues such as forest fires and the destruction of natural life. Endling - Extinction is Forever brings damage to human beings and fire to forest animals in the eyes of the player. For example, at the beginning of the game, animals escape from the forest, and animals that die burning to provide the player with a way to gain awareness of their environment.

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