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Dome Keeper Review

Dome Keeper Review

If you're interested in exploring a new planet, building a base on the area you landed on, and upgrading your base, Dome Keeper is a game you should keep on your radar.

Your main goal in the game is to survive against the creatures that attack you, to collect upgrade loots by digging the ground, and to improve your base. Dome Keeper is a strategic survival game with pixel graphics. All creatures in the game, including the main character, are aliens. The aliens that will attack you are depicted in black, and each has a different attack style. If you are looking for more detailed information about Dome Keeper, keep reading!

7Very Good
  • You can have the cutest pets
  • Detailed upgrade system
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Moving loots to base can be torture

Everything You Need to Know About Dome Keeper

Dome Keeper
Dome Keeper

Gameplay Mechanics

Your main goal in the game is to get loot by digging under the place where your spaceship lands. Each loot has a different geometric shape and colour. Each loot is used for a different development. As you dig the soil, you will come across coloured earth squares. You can get loot when you dig these coloured squares. In the beginning, you can only carry 4 loots at the same time and take them to your ship. If you want to increase your carrying capacity, you need to make the necessary development.

Alien Raids

When you look at the bottom left of the game screen, you will see a countdown bar with a creature symbol next to your HP bar. When this bar is reset, an alien wave will attack your base. Your primary weapon for fending off aliens is a sword that can move around your spaceship. With this sword, you can kill creatures that approach your spaceship. Beginning with the second wave, aliens who can fly will attack you. To kill them, you need to throw the sword that goes around your spaceship at them. You can also improve your weapon so it can do more damage or move effectively. We recommend that you pay attention to weapon upgrades to fight aliens.

dome keeper review


As you dig into the ground, you'll find large upgrade pieces in addition to small upgrade pieces. Each major upgrade piece you find gives you one of three benefits. One of these advantages is having a pet that will dig the ground for you. After all, what could be better than a pet to accompany you on a planet where you are alone! Your pet will dig the soil in the direction you choose and collect loot. You can also make improvements to your pet so it can dig faster. I can assure you that Drillbert is a good boy!

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Game Graphics

Dome Keeper is a game with pixel art graphic design. You can barely even see the outward appearance of the main character. In addition, the game has a two-dimensional structure. Despite all this, the fun part of the game is not the graphics, but the gameplay mechanics and survival part.

Is Dome Keeper Worth Playing?

If you like survival games and aliens, Dome Keeper is the game for you. You can enjoy the experience of survival by improving your base and extracting upgrade parts from the ground.

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