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Dinkum Review

Dinkum Review

Dinkum is a simulation game with co-op gameplay and the logic of farming and producing on the islands. Farming simulation games often involve players producing, harvesting, raising livestock, and managing resources in farm fields.

Dinkum also demands that you deal with the challenges of wildlife and natural conditions. If you want to build a farm and town from scratch, then Dinkum is the game designed for you.

7Very Good
  • The audio world and graphics are good
  • Gameplay is fun
  • Combination of the games that we already love
  • Not so challenging
  • Little bugs and glitches

Gameplay Mechanics

It starts with simple logic that you do the planting, irrigation, and harvesting based on Dinkum. To plant seeds in a region, you must first hoe the soil in that region. Thus, the seed can grow in fertile soil and produce a product. Since the theme of the game is in an arid and sunny area, you also need to grow plants such as cactus. After you plant a seed, you must maintain that field daily. For example, if you do not irrigate a field every day, your crops may dry out and you may suffer complete economic damage. Make sure you maintain your field regularly, so you don't hinder your progress!

dinkum game review

The Temperature

In Dinkum, it is not enough to choose the seeds only according to the season. You need to find the appropriate temperature and soil for each seed. For example, plants such as cactus grow in sunny areas and high temperatures, while plants such as wheat need more moist soil. Before planting a seed in the ground, it will be beneficial for you to check the soil and temperature.


You can also earn income in the field of livestock in Dinkum. To tame an animal and use it as a farm animal, you must first build a structure for it to live in. For example, if you want to raise chickens and sell their eggs, the first thing you need to do is build a coop and fence it off. If you do not fence off the coop, the chickens will escape or be attacked by wild animals.



Dinkum lets you interact with classic farm animals as well as animals like kangaroos. To use wild animals on your farm, you must first catch and tame them. If you can do this, you can feed them and make them loyal to you.

It is also possible to fish in Dinkum. You can try fishing in the water sources in the game. However, you must be careful with crocodiles. You may run away from the crocodiles, or you may have to trap them and kill them. A crocodile is just as dangerous in Dinkum as it is in real life.

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Game Graphics

Dinkum is a game that has adopted the animation style in which warm colours with a three-dimensional structure are used. Each character in the game looks different from the other. The designs of the characters and objects have rounded shapes. It causes the characters to look like toys. The skin in the game have colours suitable for the region where the game takes place. This colour selection, where you usually see shades of yellow, makes you feel warm in the game.

Is Dinkum Worth Playing?

If you like to build and improve a farm with your friends, then Dinkum is the game designed for you. The wildlife in the game will provide you with different experiences.

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