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Demonheart: The Ice Demon

Release Date: 14.11.2022
Languages: English

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About Game

In this otome visual novel, you play as the young witch Shar, who was invited to live with the famous witch Eniri S'yke. Shar's host keeps demonic prisoners beneath her house and needs help controlling and using them. As Shar learns more of the house's secrets, she can build a relationship with her host's brother... or one of her prisoners.


  • Female protagonist.
  • Two separate romance routes with male love interests Esmius (demonspawn spellcaster) and Sirath (human alchemist.)
  • Bonus romantic ending with female human Nissa.
  • Important lines are voiced over.
  • This VN expands on the lore of Demonheart, but is a standalone game taking place on a different continent.


  • Shar - A young witch from a tropical village in El'shei. She specializes in benevolent magic, like her mother, the Oracle of Chtaz. Shar attracts the attention of a more powerful and famous witch, and receives an invitation to become her assistant.
  • Eniri - A witch respected in the big city and beyond, she is Shar's host and the mistress of her mansion. She can’t help herself from conducting dangerous experiments. Strict and merciless toward those she sees as inferior, she will try to teach Shar her views about life, social roles and magic.
  • Esmius - A demonspawn trapped by Eniri and turned into her unwilling servant. He appears to take his imprisonment well, even to the point of joking and teasing others. It feels like he's hiding a deep pain inside, but Shar can't figure out which part of him is a lie.
  • Sirath - The younger brother of the great witch Eniri. As a male, he can't continue the family tradition of witchcraft, but Eniri still has a use for him in the family business - mixing potions. Sirath envies his sister and her witch associates, and will keep a close eye on Shar when she joins the household.
  • Nissa - A girl that Shar meets in the marketplace of the big city, Nissa acts like a bit of a rogue. She is quick to decide she wants to be Shar's friend. She will show Shar around the city, share the local gossip, and want to learn everyone's juicy secrets.
  • Zhan - Eniri's family friend, he is a smith who has joined in on the business of selling magic trinkets. He will be there to support Shar as she adapts to her new home. He is unaware of the shady practices going on in his old friend’s basement.
Supported Languages: English

System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements:


  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: 1.5 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Storage: 900 MB available space