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DEATHRUN TV, a fast-paced, hardcore rogue-like, twin-stick shooter is set in the most insane and popular game show in the world. As you vie for glory, you will experience real-time bullet-dodging speed and blistering action… assuming that you survived in this 2D bullet hell.

If you are looking for a 2-D rogue-like bullet hell, but you are tired of seeing the same old things the Binding of Isaac and Enter the Gungeon did and you want to spice things up a bit, Deathrun TV is here for you. The game doesn’t have a long storyline to follow, you are a contestant in the world’s most cruel and bloodiest gaming show. Simple as that. In this article, we are covering everything you need to know from gameplay and mechanics to whether it is worth playing or not.

7Very Good
  • Fun mechanics like tail-of-fans
  • Fresh blood to the rogue-like genre
  • Fast-paced action
  • You can not quit arcade mode
  • Some issues with control menu


Deathrun TV is a simple, fast and fun shooter that focuses on the visceral pleasure of shooting. Basic controls include two guns that are mapped to a trigger, a no reloading ammo, and a dodge. You can pick your guns, one passive and one trigger at a time. As you progress you will find more guns and passives. No complicated upgrade system, passives seem simple and not game-changing except for the bullet-time dodge, which has a very hidden cooldown so you don’t really know when that will happen.

Each controller triggers one of two weapons at once, so you can use both simultaneously. It is quite challenging, but it makes for some fun, novel gameplay. If a gun runs low on ammo, the slot will return to the standard infinite-ammo default pistol. Guns are different, but not too much so. There aren’t that many variations. The best choice is to choose a basic, high-impact shotgun. It's not clear if melee serves any other purpose than conserving ammo to buy better guns. If your default pistol has been upgraded, it doesn't make sense that you'd use this gun again.

Game Mechanics

A tail of fans mechanic is another interesting feature. Non-combatants will be following you around in the fight. The duty of keeping them from dying and dropping them off in the designated areas is really challenging. This will earn you upgrades and points. You may also get more deposits if you have several. These could die too easily, especially when they strike hazards. It's especially problematic because they can die from crossing gaps that you have to jump across, often between where you drop them off and where you get them. While it may seem impossible to protect a tail of any length from all the shots and enemies out there, it's still fun and offers some potential.


Deathrun TV also has an arcade mode with leader boards but it has two serious disadvantages. First, you can't opt-out. No matter how you feel about it, it will have you play it and publish your score. The second and most important feature is that you can run an arcade with any accessibility features you wish. People who care about leader boards will be seriously disappointed by this. They will have to play with the most efficient gameplay and assist in order to achieve the highest score.


Enemies appear simple, are often quite numerous, and spawn all around. However, some aspects of enemy spawn markers may not be easy to read. There are also obvious and unattractive bugs. It's a good idea for developers to check that they are taking care of the game and pushing patches out as quickly as possible.

deathrun tv review

Is DEATHRUN TV Worth Playing?

Overall, the game is fast and enjoyable. The accessibility options allow you to play faster if needed. It's not something you'd want to play constantly, but it's a fun arcade-style rogue-like game that you could have in your library if you are into these types of games.