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Dead Space Story

Dead Space Story

The fan reaction to the Dead Space remake was overwhelming in the most positive way, but many people missed the debut of the franchise with the original 2008 game.

Many gamers are curious about the game's backstory and we got you covered. In this article you can find everything you need to know about the plot of Dead Space which will allow those just starting to get into the franchise to get a grasp of the story before the remake is out.

How the Story Starts

Dead Space is set in 2508 AD. The Earth's population has exploded to an unsustainable level, and it is now over-mined. Those who were not affected by the ecological catastrophe have turned to space for resources extraction. This is possible thanks to the planetcracker. The USG Ishimura, a massive ship that could crack open planets to extract valuable minerals on an enormous scale, was built.

It lost communication with the USG Ishimura during its 35th Planetcracking operation. Issac, an engineer and ship system specialist, was dispatched to investigate the incident and repair any damage to the Ishimura. Because his girlfriend Nicole Brennan, a medical specialist, was stationed aboard Ishimura, he volunteered to take part in the mission.

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Clarke is accompanied by Kendra Daniels, Zach Hammond and another employee of the corporation to Ishimura. Clarke, Zach Hammond, and Kendra Daniels are on board the ship Clarke, who tries to dock. However, the malfunction causes it to explode, resulting in the death of one of them. The ship does manage to land, but it is rendered inoperable.

When the party enters the ship they are split by Necromorphs, twisted beings. Clarke discovers the Red Marker, a relic that members of a cult named the Church of Unitology had found on the planet Ishimura. These cultists brought it into the colony of the planet and then onto board the ship, where it caused paranoia as well as hallucinations among the crew. They were then forced to fight each other and, upon their deaths became Necromorphs.

Goal of the Game

The goal of the game is to simply escape. There are no escape rooms, so calling for assistance seems like the only option. Clarke successfully reactivated and repaired certain systems and was able to call for assistance. The USM Valor responds to Clarke's SOS. The Valor discovers an escape pod that has a Necromorph inside. It appears players will be free to flee, but it quickly kills the crew. Both vessels suffer severe damage when the Valor crashes into Ishimura.

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Ending of Dead Space

Clarke manages eventually to navigate through the Valor and into the Ishimura. From there, he takes a shuttle down to the planet below. The Hive Mind controls the Necromorphs, and Clarke finds them there. But he defeats Hammond. Daniels dies and becomes a traitor. Clarke also learns that Nicole committed suicide years before boarding the Ishimura. Clarke continues to hallucinate aboard a escape ship.

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