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Dead by Daylight Review

Dead by Daylight Review

If you're interested in horror games, which can be played in co-op or online, where a killer hunts his victims, Dead by Daylight is the most successful example of this genre.

There is a gameplay structure in Dead by Daylight where a killer tries to catch four survivors. If you want to spend time with your friends or online in a horror-themed universe, Dead by Daylight is the game you're looking for.

7Very Good
  • Addictive
  • Unique and original
  • Fun characters to play
  • Feels like a pay-to-win
  • Bugs and crashes

What is the purpose in Dead by Daylight?

There are two different sides to Dead by Daylight, the killer, and the survivor. The goal of the Survivors is to turn on five generators and power the exit doors before the killers catch them all. If the survivors can power the exit doors, two different doors can be opened at both ends of the map. It is possible to escape from the killer's territory by opening one of these doors.

If you're playing the game as a killer, your goal is to catch and hook all the survivors. If you hook a survivor for the third time, the entity will come from the sky to take his body and soul. The killer is to hunt all the survivors before they fix the generators and escape.

dead by daylight review

Game Graphics

Dead by Daylight is a game that is constantly updated. Accordingly, the graphics of the game are close to the graphics of today's game world. Since Dead by Daylight is a horror-themed game, objects, skins, characters, and killers are designed realistically. In addition, Dead by Daylight maps have a dark and scary atmosphere. The general feature of maps is that there is little light and there are areas to hide. Since the views of the killers are more limited than those of the survivors, this situation creates an advantage for the survivors.

Dead by Daylight
Dead by Daylight

Gameplay Mechanics

If you're playing Dead by Daylight as a survivor, you have a third-person perspective. Using this situation to your advantage, you can hide from the killer or spot him early. In addition, you have options such as walking, leaning, and running in the game. If you run, you'll leave red scratches that only the killer can see. For this reason, choosing the right time to run and walk is important for you to hide from the killer. In the game, you need to repair the generator. Generators have a minigame called skill check. If you can't get the skill check at the right time, the generator will short-circuit, and a notification will be sent to the killer that will tell you your location.

If you're playing Dead by Daylight as a killer, you have a first-person perspective. It will put you at a disadvantage against survivors. When playing as the killer you only have the option to walk. In addition, each killer has its own attack animation and special power. For example, one of the most popular characters of the game, Trapper's special power is to set a bear trap on the ground.

Is Dead by Daylight Worth Playing?

If you are looking for a horror-themed game where you fight against real players, Dead by Daylight is the game designed for you. You can fight with your opponents as a killer or a survivor.

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