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Dave the Diver Review

Dave the Diver Review

Dave the Diver is a colorful and incredibly enjoyable deep-sea exploration and gaming experience.

This unique adventure RPG hybrid combines casual combat and gathering gameplay with rogue-like elements as well as eccentric characters, an attractive 2D/3D art style, and plentiful additional content to deliver hours of entertainment. Let's explore further!

  • Unique adventure RPG hybrid combining casual combat and gathering gameplay with rogue-like elements
  • Quirky but lovable characters and humorous scenes
  • Over 200 species of sea creatures
  • Attractive 2D/3D art style showcasing breathtaking underwater scenery
  • Minigames, side quests, multiple storylines and more for hours of entertainment
  • Not enough time to fully explore all the game has to offer

Everything You Need to Know About Dave the Diver


Game Plot

As you join Dave in discovering the secrets surrounding the mysterious Blue Hole, you will also take part in running a successful exotic sushi restaurant each night. Your goal is to upgrade and forge equipment by collecting resources during the day before your oxygen runs out, so that you can prepare for what dangers lurk beneath deep within it.

With quirky but lovable characters and plenty of humorous scenes thus far, this singleplayer adventure game truly brings joy to players of all ages.


Dave the Diver delivers a satisfying gameplay loop full of various activities fish to catch using weapons like your harpoon. All these are done amidst gorgeous undersea scenery, including over 200 species of sea creatures ranging from dogfish to angel shark among many others; a level up from regular goldfish or guppies! Additionally, there are minigames side quests accompanying whatever main storyline you choose - think fishing competitions or treasure hunts - plus more related branching adventures lasting multiple hours altogether. To crash it home, there’s still sushi restaurants management too!

Dave the diver review


The visuals alone make this game worth playing for even if it didn't come paired with such an addicting storyline element. Set against sunlit coral reefs despite their depths or dimly lit depthless abyssal plains makes for an ever changing atmosphere no doubt designed to amaze more than surprise danger wise (but not entirely!). 

Generally speaking anyway said art style sits at a unique intersection between pixel and 3D graphics creating something simply breathtaking only use descriptive terms like “beautiful” can do justice too here; imagine standing atop Jurassic Park Welcome Center just before raptors come in roaring through arcades blow those kinds images away without fail then perhaps understand what we mean better (and maybe get hyped by thought!).

Dave the diver is it worth playing

Is it worth playing?

The answer is an absolute YES! All those hours of fun and unique storyline are definitely worth the purchase. Dave the Diver is an incredibly rewarding experience for everyone involved, with stunning visuals to boot. Plus all those minigames and sidequests will keep you entertained well beyond the completion of the game, hence why so many people keep coming back. On one hand, you have an addicting storyline loop that you'll soon get hooked on; while on the other there's sushi restaurant management to perfect for a varied gameplay journey. Whether you're a hard-core gamer or casual one, this undersea adventure game will surely provide you with hours of entertainment. So what are you waiting for? Pick up Dave the Diver and let your underwater journey begin!