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Cult of the Lamb Review

Cult of the Lamb Review

Rogue-lite games are like roguelike games but do not meet all the necessary conditions to be a roguelike. When you die in the roguelike game type, you must start the game from the beginning. If you are looking for a rogue-lite game where you must repeat the level when you die, Cult of the Lamb is the game designed for you.

Cult of the Lamb is a game released by independent developers with original storytelling. If you're looking for a game with different storytelling, graphics, and gameplay, keep reading!

7Very Good
  • Various difficulty options
  • Amazing visual and sound design
  • Customization options
  • Highly replayable
  • Minor bugs and glitches
  • Enemies' combat style are hard to understand

Everything You Need to Know About Cult of the Lamb

Cult of the Lamb
Cult of the Lamb

The Story of the Game

Our main character is talking with a figure that symbolizes God. The name of this figure is The One Who Waits. The One Who Waits tells our main character that he needs him even if he's dead. The figure will give life to our main character, but in return, it will ask us to create a Cult. The adventure of our main character, who accepts the figure's offer, begins.

cult of the lamb review

Gameplay Mechanics

Cult of the Lamb is a game with an isometric perspective. On the map, you must approach your enemies and kill them with the sword in your hand. You also have a roll skill that you can use as a gap closer or dodge. Each enemy has an HP bar. To kill your enemies and advance in the level, you need to reduce their HP bar to zero.

There are breakable stones, walls, and obstacles in the game. In other words, you can smash the objects around you with your sword attacks. In some sections, you may need to break stone blocks to create your path.


When you enter a chapter with the character you control, both the entrance and exit of that chapter are sealed by a black fog. For the seal to be removed, you must kill all the enemies in the section. Since some parts are made small by design, your character has limited movement space. In these sections, you must dodge as much as possible and attack your opponents when you get the opportunity.


There is a possibility of looting from the creatures you kill. If you loot an item, that item will go directly to your inventory. If you find a stronger sword or armour, you need to equip it by entering the inventory.

Being a Cult Leader

You can contribute to your cult by rescuing the people sacrificed in the game. The creatures you save will join your cult and begin to work for you. You will also need to collect resources to develop the cult you have set up in the game. After a while, the creatures you add to the cult will start collecting wood and stone for you.

is cult of the lamb worth playing

Game Graphics

Cult of the Lamb is a game with unique visuals and graphics developed by independent developers. Although the game progresses with the devil theme, the graphics of the game are quite sweet. Moreover, the designs of the characters in the game are in chibi style. Each character can be customized according to the player's aesthetic sense. You can design your members in sweet pink color when creating a cult!

Is Cult of the Lamb worth playing?

If you are looking for a rogue-lite game that combines different gameplay mechanics, Cult of the Lamb is a game you should try.

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