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Contraband Police: Prologue Review

Contraband Police: Prologue Review

Contraband Police: Prologue is five-day training at the border post. Follow the orders of the commissioner Andreyev for all the key game mechanics.

In a communist country in the 80's, take over the duties as a border guard inspector. You will find corruption, smuggling, and forgery the norm. Respect your superiors and be vigilant. In this review, we will walk you through everything you need to know before playing Contraband Police: Prologue.

7Very Good
  • Large world
  • Variety of missions
  • Mobility
  • Graphics
  • Optimization issues

Everything to Know About Contraband Police: Prologue

Contraband Police: Prologue
Contraband Police: Prologue

Story of Contraband Police: Prologue

You are a young officer trainee in 1981 and you are assigned to work at the border post in Karikatka's mountainous region. Your entry into the Acarist People’s Republic is tightly controlled by the party. Every move you make is closely monitored! When your comrade dies during an intervention, the situation at the border becomes more complicated.

contraband police review


Each visitor must possess a valid set of documents. Any discrepancy can result in refusal to enter. As more documents are created, it will become harder to spot errors. Our intelligence often provides information about suspicious drivers. The UV flashlight can be used to scan their vehicles, and the tools that are needed to find the smuggled goods will then be used. It is illegal to transport contraband across the border. In desperate circumstances, smugglers might try to flee from the control area. You have the responsibility to stop them and make arrests. You can buy and upgrade police cars in order to increase the effectiveness of your pursuit.

Is there fighting in the game?

In certain circumstances, you may have to use firearms. Oberankov's gang attacks are a constant threat to your station. Each away mission comes with the risk of fighting the enemy.

Is there customization in the game?

You can upgrade your police station to improve its defenses and facilitate subsequent inspections. Be aware of the rising costs associated with maintaining your station. There are many ways to make money: successful inspections and foiled smuggling.

How long does it take to finish the game?

It takes around 2 hours to finish Contraband Police: Prologue.

Is it similar to Papers, Please?

Yes! Contraband Police: Prologue is very similar to Papers, Please, making it more immersive. However, it has vehicles so you can actually go somewhere other than the booth.

contraband police vs papers please


Honestly, I found the late Soviet grunge aesthetic a little disappointing. Where Papers, Please managed to extract an authentic essence late communism, this games attempt at a Soviet aesthetic looks more like a cartoon. The graphics could have been a lot better. I still appreciate the 3D attempt. 

Is it worth playing?

This game has the potential to be great if it is more polished, played-tested, balanced, and optimized for a better learning curve. It is still really fun as it is, however, we feel like its prime is yet to come. 

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