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Compass of the Destiny: Istanbul Story

Compass of the Destiny: Istanbul Story

The game Compass of the Destiny: Istanbul is a hack and slash and action RPG type game developed by Turkish game developers and you can play the DEMO version until its release in September. 

Our main goal in the game is to advance levels, conquer dungeons and become stronger by improving our abilities. Compass of the Destiny: Istanbul brings a breath of fresh air to the hack and slash genre, as well as offering new gameplay mechanics. Of course, this game also has main story and side stories that you can follow. If you're curious about the story of Compass of the Destiny: Istanbul, keep reading!


The initial and training phase of the game begins in the Venetian Castle (St. Andrea Castle) in 1664. While watching the view from the Venetian castle, we learn that the castle was conquered and we need to find the brother of the main character. When we move on to the inner parts of the castle, we can see that environmental storytelling is used. Three NPCs are talking among themselves that the Ottomans have attacked the Venetian Castle for 18 years and that there are barbarians who will not stop until they kill everyone. As we move through the castle, we begin to see that counts and dukes were killed, and Ottoman soldiers conquered the castle more.

When we see the soldiers forcing the door to reach the throne room, we realize that pushing the door will not work, and we head towards the side road that is placed on the side like a pumpkin. Strangely enough, we have to bear the whole war on our own, since no one else is smart enough to use this road. We manage to reach the throne room after progressing by killing the janissaries and archers who were holding the side road. When we enter the throne room, we encounter the imposing man who holds our brother like a staff and says he is waiting for us, and we start to fight with his soldiers. Although we do not understand why the 100-year-old majestic man is waiting for us and why we are enjoying ourselves on the balcony until the castle is captured, we kill all the enemies in the room, even the additional force units, to advance the story.

I think the last time I killed so many janissaries in Assassins Creed. Although we advance by cutting the Janissaries like hotcakes, we lose because the 100-year-old imposing man is a few levels superior to us. The prologue part of the game ends here and we wake up 8 years after the nightmare.


We wake up from our sleep with the polite words of a slave trader, "Did we imprison you because you were dead". At this point, you can notice a conversation screen that gives the taste of the old Fallout, where we can use different dialogue options according to the player's stat points. Our first option is to politely answer the slave trader who woke us up, or to ask "where am I?" Of course, we would like to point out that you need 5 power points, as being kind is not easy. The polite slave trader says that we are in an Ottoman galley and he will take us to Istanbul and sell us as slaves.

compass of the destiny story

Our main character knows and speaks Ottoman Turkish. After hunting a few mice on the ship, breaking the surrounding boxes and collecting wooden pieces, we complete the slave trader's tasks. After the slave trader offered us moldy bread as a reward, we were able to relieve our hunger a little.

Compass of the Destiny: Istanbul
Compass of the Destiny: Istanbul

Chapter 2

After learning some information about the Venetian Castle and our brother in the Ottoman galley, where we were assigned to various duties as slaves, we start talking with a janissary soldier. After we kill the Janissary soldier, a red orb hits us and we enter chapter 2. This chapter begins with a spiritual dungeon called Fıtrat Realm.

If you are interested in the story of Compass of the Destiny: Istanbul, you can try the demo version of the game and play it when it is released. Even though Hack and Slash games don't usually come to the fore with their stories, Compass of Destiny: Istanbul has an entertaining and gripping story.

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