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ZERO Sievert Guide for Beginners

ZERO Sievert Guide for Beginners

Welcome to the desolate world of ZERO Sievert, a top-down extraction shooter that plunges you into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The nuclear fallout has transformed Eastern Europe into an atmospheric and dangerous realm where survival is not guaranteed.

As a scavenger, your mission is to explore procedurally-generated maps, scrounge for equipment, and navigate treacherous biomes. This guide will equip you with essential gameplay mechanics, tips, and tricks to survive and thrive in this intense and challenging adventure.

Everything You Need to Know In Order to Survive in ZERO Sievert

ZERO Sievert
ZERO Sievert

Game plot

The world as we knew it has come to an end, devastated by nuclear catastrophe. You find yourself in the role of a scavenger, tasked with exploring multiple areas in a desolate Eastern Europe. Your base of operations, a bunker, serves as a safe haven amidst the chaos, housing traders, modding stations, and areas to personalize. Armed with only a gun and a bottle of water, you venture into the wilds to scavenge and survive.


ZERO Sievert offers a rich and immersive gameplay experience, with procedurally generated maps that ensure each journey is unique. The wasteland is rife with hiding spots, loot locations, and various layouts to keep you on your toes. There are five distinct biomes to explore, each with its own secrets to uncover. As you scavenge, you'll encounter bandits and face challenges from nuclear-affected wildlife.

Weapon customization is a vital aspect of the game. With over 35 unique guns and 150 mods, you can tailor your armament to suit your playstyle. Whether you prefer stealthy approaches or full-on aggression, crafting your ideal weapon is the key to survival.

The world of ZERO Sievert is filled with quests that lead you deeper into its lore and mysteries. Engaging with diverse characters will unveil hidden information about the post-apocalyptic setting. Looting plays a significant role, with over 100 different items available for crafting, upgrading your base, and trading.

zero sievert guide

Tips and Tricks

Master Stealth and Awareness

In the early stages, move cautiously, relying on stealth to avoid detection from enemies. Be attentive to suspicious sounds and visual cues, as they might reveal potential threats.

Adapt and Learn

Each procedurally generated map demands a unique approach. Study the layouts, loot locations, and hiding spots to enhance your scavenging efficiency.

Experiment with Weapon Mods

Modify your weapons to suit your preferred playstyle. Try different combinations of mods to become a formidable force in the wasteland.

Complete Quest-lines

Engaging with NPCs and completing quests not only adds depth to the story but also rewards you with valuable resources and progression.

Use the Map Wisely

Familiarize yourself with the map and use markers to plan your routes, locate important areas, and remember where you've left loot or enemies.

Manage Stamina

Sprinting is essential for evading danger, but keep an eye on your stamina bar. If it depletes, you won't be able to sprint until it replenishes.

Aim for the Head

In combat, aim for headshots to increase your chances of taking down enemies swiftly and conserving ammo.

Night Vision

Your headlamp and torch are indispensable tools for navigating dark environments, but be cautious, as they can give away your position to enemies.

Scrap Wisely

While in the bunker, scrap items you don't need to obtain raw components for crafting. Make thoughtful decisions about which items to keep and which to dismantle.

Equipment Chests in Zero Sievert

Equipment chests in ZERO Sievert are intriguing rewards obtained from defeating bandit bosses. These chests hold the promise of valuable gear that can aid you on your perilous journey through the post-apocalyptic wasteland. However, as of the current early access state, these equipment chests seem to be affected by some bugs.

Players have reported issues with the functionality of these chests, and some have expressed confusion about their intended purpose. In some cases, the equipment chests may not work as expected, failing to provide the anticipated rewards or functioning as intended quest items.

zero sievert equipment chests

The development team is undoubtedly aware of these issues and is actively working to address and resolve them. Early access games are often subject to frequent updates and improvements, and it's not uncommon to encounter bugs or glitches during this phase of development.

For players encountering these bugs, it's essential to keep an eye on the game's update announcements and patch notes. The developers are likely to release fixes and improvements regularly, striving to enhance the overall gameplay experience.