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Thymesia Weapon Guide

Thymesia Weapon Guide

Thymesia is a medium-sized souls-like game. There are different bosses and weapons in the game. Each weapon has its own advantage. In addition, each weapon you use can change your gameplay style. For this reason, we advise you to be careful when choosing weapons in Thymesia.

Thymesia has twenty-one different weapons with different features and advantages. If you're looking for a guide on Thymesia's weapons, wonder which weapon is the best and which requires more skill read on!

Everything You Need to Know About the Weapons in Thymesia


Unlocking Plague Weapons

You need to use three skill shards to unlock every weapon in the game. You can kill ordinary enemies to get Skill Shards. However, since the skill shard drop rate is low, we recommend increasing your luck from your skill tree. Each weapon has its own skill shard. Also, to get boss weapons, simply defeat the boss. Skill Shards can also be used to level up weapons.

how to unlock plague weapons in thymesia

Buffs of Plague Weapons

Each weapon provides at least one buff of its own. When you examine the features of Weapons, you will notice that some weapons have only one buff and some weapons have two buffs. To activate the second buff of your plague weapons, you need to upgrade your weapon to the maximum level. Also, every time you upgrade a plague weapon, the damage and advantage of your weapon will increase. To use the buffs of the weapons, your certain stats must be sufficient. For example, you must have at least 10 Strength points to use Handaxe's first buff, and at least 10 Vitality points to use his second buff.

buffs of plague weapons in thymesia

Extended Action

If you upgrade a weapon to Level 4 using 12 skill shards, you will unlock the weapon's hidden features. Each weapon has a second move with different characteristics, perks, and powers. For example, to attack with Handaxe, you need to be near your opponent. However, you can also attack your opponents from a distance if you upgrade your handaxe to tier 4 by spending 12 skill shards. Handaxe's Extended Action lets you throw the handaxe at your opponent. Each weapon in the game has a different Extended Action.

thymesia weapon guide

Features of Plague Weapons

When you open the plague weapon menu, you will see three small symbols on the right side just above the Basic Action part of the weapons. The first symbol represents the energy you will spend to use the action of the weapon. For example, you will spend 40 energy using the basic action of the Knife. The second symbol represents the cooldown of the weapon's basic action. For example, you need to wait 24 seconds to use Flying Daggers again.

The last symbol represents the weapon's extra attack power. For example, if you attack with your Fist, you deal 20% more than your normal damage.

These were the basics you needed to learn about guns. Have a lot of fun while killing your opponents by using your weapons with different features!