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Thymesia Stat and Talent Points Guide

Thymesia Stat and Talent Points Guide

It is a game where you level up by collecting experience points called Thymesia memory and increase your character's stats to level up. The levelling and skill upgrade system in classic souls-like games is also available in this game.

Also, Thymesia is a game with different weapons, bosses, and atmospheres. If you're curious about Thymesia's talent system, we've prepared a guide for you!

Level System

You gain Memory when you kill a boss or enemy in Thymesia. Memory is simply the experience point you use to level up your character. Each time you level up, the amount of memory required for the next level will increase. To level up, you need to upgrade one of your stats. There are three basic stats you can improve in the game. The first of these stats is Strength. Strength is the basic stat that increases the damage of your character's basic attacks and some skills. In other words, the higher your character's Strength stat, the more damage you can inflict on your enemies with your basic attacks.

thymesia stat and talent points guide

The second stat you can upgrade is Vitality. Vitality is simply the stat your character uses for defence. If you increase your character's Vitality stat, your character will have more Hit Points. As you progress through the game, the damage of your opponents will increase. For this reason, having a high Vitality score saves you from one-shot death.


The last stat you can upgrade is the Plague stat. Plague is a stat exclusive to Thymesia and not found in other games. If you raise this stat, your character's energy and claw damage will increase. Claw, on the other hand, is the general name given to all your weapons that have a green smoky structure. You need to have a high Plague stat to use some boss weapons. If you upgrade one of these stats, your character will level up. We advise you to be careful when distributing your stats, as the game has a maximum level of 50.

thymesia talent points explained

Talent Point System

When you level up, you gain Talent points. When you enter the Talent screen, you can distribute talent points in six different categories. The first of these categories is Saber. Saber includes buffs to increase the damage you do with your basic attacks and certain weapons. In the Deflect category, some buffs allow you to inflict critical damage to your opponents. In the Dodge category, some buffs reward your successful dodges. In the Claw category, some buffs will increase the damage you do with the plague weapon and claw. In the Feather category, some talents strengthen feathers that you can throw at your opponents.

thymesia stats explained

In the Strategies category, some abilities will direct you to different gameplay styles during the war. For example, the wounds you give to your opponents with the Plague Wounds talent will remain active for a longer time. That way, you'll have more time before you finish off a competitor.

Since the maximum level limit in the game is 50, your character can have a maximum of 24 talent points. For this reason, when distributing your talent points, you should choose talents that are suitable for your gameplay.