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Thymesia All Bosses and How to Kill Them

Thymesia All Bosses and How to Kill Them

Thymesia is a game with souls-like gameplay mechanics and graphics. As in every souls-like game, boss designs and boss powers are at the forefront in this game.

Thymesia has eight different bosses. If you're curious about Thymesia's bosses, read on!

Tutorial Boss

If you decide to play the tutorial part of the game, you must fight with a knight of Urd. He is approximately twice the size and weight of your character. He is in human form and wields a great sword. His movements are slow and dodgeable. It has reasonable power for the learning phase when you are just starting the game. If you defeat him, a cutscene will be triggered in which your character loses consciousness.


He is a character with a magician costume and a walking stick. He is the second boss you will encounter in the game. He is a boss with fast and sequential attacks. If you reduce his health bar to zero, the second phase of the battle will begin. We advise you to be careful at this stage because Odur starting to use his ability to become invisible.

God of the Fools

God of the Fools is a gigantic death skeleton that spews poisonous smoke from its mouth. The first huge boss you will encounter in the game is God of the Fools. His attacks are slow and area attacks. For this reason, it is easier to dodge his attacks than other bosses. To defeat him, you must destroy the poison hearts located in certain areas of the map. However, some powerful soldiers protect every poisoned heart. For this reason, we advise you to be careful when going to destroy hearts.

The Hanged Queen

The Hanged Queen is a huge zombie bat. If you've played souls games with dragons in them, you know how to fight this boss. You must dodge her powerful field attacks and attack her while she's stunned. She will also jump frequently to attack you and will move away from your attack range. One of the most impressively designed bosses in the game is The Hanged Queen.

Sound of Abyss

After fighting with the skeleton and the bat, it will not be surprising that you encounter a boss, a mixture of centipede and worm. This boss can make an impressive exit from the ground, making you disgusted with it. It is standing in a pit that you cannot reach under normal conditions. However, after attacking you, it will wait for a while in the area you are standing on. Using these opportunities, you need to attack its weak areas, which are highlighted in light red.

Mutated Odur

After losing his first battle with you, he turns himself into a monster with a syringe. Defeating him will not be as easy as the first time.


When you find out that the boss you are fighting in the Tutorial is Varg, your second round starts with him. To defeat him you need to dodge his attacks and attack him while he is stunned.


It's time to fight the game's most charismatic boss. Urd is a white-haired boss wielding a thin sword. She has swift and powerful attacks. She also uses an ability that allows her to teleport at short distances.


To defeat Corvus, which has all the abilities your character has, you need to focus on your own character's weaknesses. Surprisingly, Corvus is easier to defeat than Urd!