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The Cycle: Frontier Best Weapons

The Cycle: Frontier Best Weapons

The Cycle Frontier is a space-themed First-Person shooter with PvP and PvE elements. Unlike its game counterparts, it does not have a horror theme. The graphics package of the game has as many horror elements as Serious Sam 2 because it has vivid colors.

One of the most fun aspects of the game is that you can go on missions as a co-op. If you are looking for an FPS game to play with your friends, we recommend you try The Cycle Frontier. As in every FPS game, you need to use weapons in The Cycle Frontier. Although every weapon in the game is powerfully suitable for the task and situation, there are also powerful weapons suitable for every situation. If you're curious about The Cycle Frontier's most powerful weapons, read on!

Top 4 Weapons in The Cycle: Frontier

The Cycle: Frontier
The Cycle: Frontier


The Basilisk is a Sniper Rifle with a six-bullet capacity. The Basilisk is the second most powerful weapon you can use to deal high damage to enemies at a distance. If you shoot at your enemy's weak area, you will inflict 300 hit-point damage in total. It is possible to shoot effective shots up to 150 meters with the Basilisk. With Basilisk, it is possible to shoot faster than other Sniper Rifles. If you are a gamer who prefers to hunt your opponents from a distance, the Basilisk will probably be one of your favorite weapons. Also, the Basilisk will be a useful weapon if you want to hunt other players.

best weapons in cycle frontier


The Manticore is an Assault Rifle with a 27-bullet capacity. Its strongest feature is that it is a powerful weapon at medium range. While the Manticore isn't the most powerful Assault Rifle, it has a huge advantage. You can buy Manticore at every stage of the game. The main reason for this is that Manticore has a relatively cheap cost. The reason why Manticore is one of the best weapons is that it is the most effective weapon in the game in terms of price/performance.

If your character dies during the mission, all the items your character takes with him will remain in that area. Accordingly, you will need to buy weapons again after you die in the game. The Manticore is an effective and inexpensive weapon that you can take to any mission.

Voltaic Brute

Voltaic Brute is a semi-automatic rifle with a 25-bullet capacity. It is the game's most powerful SMG. If you have the Voltaic Brute, you can be a killing machine for your opponents at short and medium ranges. The highlight of the Voltaic Brute is its high rate of fire. With the highest rate of fire in the game, the Voltaic Brute becomes the game's most powerful weapon in favourable conditions. However, one of the most expensive weapons in the game is Voltaic Brute. Accordingly, we recommend that you play carefully when your character has Voltaic Brute.

top weapons in cycle frontier


If you want to constantly launch rockets at your opponents and need to disperse large groups of enemies, the game's most powerful weapon is the Komrad. With its 12-capacity magazine, Komrad allows you to terrorize your enemies in the game. Its rate of fire is higher than other Missile Launchers. Accordingly, if you want to terrorize your opponents in the game by launching rockets, Komrad is the weapon designed for you.