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Sun Haven How to Complete Glorite Mining Quest

Sun Haven How to Complete Glorite Mining Quest

Sun Haven is an enchanting game that offers players the opportunity to build their farms, cultivate relationships with townsfolk, and embark on magical quests filled with monsters and dragons.

One of the exciting quests in the game is the Glorite Mining Quest, which involves venturing into the Glorite Mines to mine Glorite Ore and smelt it into valuable Glorite Bars. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to successfully complete the Glorite Mining Quest and gather the essential resources for your adventures in Sun Haven.

Everything You Need to Know to Complete Glorite Mining Quest

Sun Haven
Sun Haven

How to Enter the Glorite Mines

To start the Glorite Mining Quest, players must first complete Dynus' Altar Mining and obtain the King's Lost Mine Key. Once you have the key, head to the minecart located on the upper left of the Dynus' Altar Room to enter the Glorite Mines. This minecart serves as the entrance to the mines and is the only place where you can mine Glorite Ore.

Mining Glorite Ore

Upon entering the Glorite Mines, you will find yourself in a maze-like environment with five levels. The Glorite Ore can only be found and mined within these mines. Take your time to explore each level thoroughly and collect as much Glorite Ore as possible.

sun haven glorite mining quest

Turn Glorite Ore into Glorite Bars

After gathering a substantial amount of Glorite Ore, head to the Withergate Furnace, located to the left of the mine entrance. This is where you will smelt the Glorite Ore into valuable Glorite Bars. Unfortunately, smelting cannot be done on your farm, so ensure you have enough Glorite Ore to make the most of your time at the furnace.

Unlocking Deeper Levels

The Glorite Mines have five levels, but initially, you can only access the first level. To unlock levels 2 to 5, you'll need a Glorite Key. These keys can be crafted at the Withergate Anvil. Ensure you have enough resources to craft the Glorite Keys so that you can delve deeper into the mines and find even more Glorite Ore.

Tips for a Successful Quest

Prepare Adequately

Before attempting the Glorite Mining Quest, make sure you have sufficient equipment and gear. It's recommended to have at least Adamant-level gear for the best chances of success.

Gather Buff Food

On your way to the boss fight, collect fruit that you can find along the path. These fruits can be used during the King Slimius XVII encounter to buff your character and enhance your combat abilities.

Beware of Slime Minions

During the King Slimius XVII boss fight, be prepared to face his slime minions. These minions will attack you by moving towards you. Focus on eliminating them while also dealing with the boss's attacks.

sun haven how to mine glorite

Completing the Glorite Mining Quest in Sun Haven is an exciting and rewarding endeavor. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can venture into the Glorite Mines, mine Glorite Ore, and smelt it into valuable Glorite Bars. Remember to unlock deeper levels using Glorite Keys to maximize your resource collection.

As you delve deeper into the mines and overcome challenges like the King Slimius XVII boss fight, you will be well on your way to becoming a formidable adventurer in the magical world of Sun Haven. Happy mining and may your journey be filled with prosperity and adventure!