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Stray All Notebook Locations Guide

Stray All Notebook Locations Guide

If you are playing Stray and you have come to Chapter 4, you need to bring four notebooks to the character named Momo to move on to the next chapter. If you do not know the locations of the notebooks, this task can become challenging and even tedious for you.

You must complete this quest to advance the game and be able to pass to the Rooftops area, Chapter 5. If you are wondering how to access all notebooks, we have prepared a guide for you!


All Notebook Locations in Stray

Momo's Notebook

Momo's Notebook is the easiest notebook to get. It is because when you talk to Momo to start the task, he gives you this notebook. To find Momo and start the quest, you need to reach Momo's apartment by completing a track. You need to show Momo the Postcard you obtained earlier. Momo will give you information about notebooks and give you, her notebook. The notebook you need to obtain after this stage belongs to Zbaltazar.

stray notebook locations

Zbaltazar's Notebook

After receiving Momo's notebook, you must leave Momo's apartment. After exiting Momo's apartment, you must look for a building with large blue markings on its roof. This building is located close to Momo's apartment. After the player finds this building, he must find a way to get to the roof of that building. Once you reach the roof of the building you need to disable a fan. To disable this fan, you must de-energize it. After you cut off the energy of the fan, you need to fall from the area where the fan is located. There are cardboard boxes stacked on top of each other in the room you fell into. You need to get on top of these boxes and knock them down. In one of the boxes, you will find Zbaltazar's notebook.

Doc's Notebook

After getting Zbaltazar's notebook, you need to set out on the road near Momo's apartment. At this point, you need to go up to the roofs and find a roof with a sofa and a TV on it. Looking at the buildings around this roof you should find a balcony with a blue screen with the surprised emoji. To the left of this balcony is an entrance that only cats can fit in. Congratulations, you have accessed the library using this login! Doc's Notebook is in Doc's bedroom in this library where you log in. After searching Doc's bedroom, you will find an encrypted paper. When you read this paper, you need to go to the safe behind a stack of books in the main part of the apartment. There is Doc's Notebook inside the case.

where to find notebooks in stray

Clementine's Notebook

The last notebook is in Clementine's apartment, opposite Momo's apartment. To enter Clementine's apartment, simply pass through the gap in the window. Clementine's Notebook awaits you on every desk.

Congratulations, you found all the notebooks! You can now return to Momo and get permission to pass to Chapter 5, the rooftop area.