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Sons of The Forest Tips and Tricks

Sons of The Forest Tips and Tricks

Sons Of The Forest can be a difficult survival game. However, we have all the tricks and tips you need to make it through your expedition into the cannibal islands.

You're not the only one struggling to understand what's happening and what you should do when you start a new game. We've been there many times and can help you prioritize learning and doing to make the most out of your first hour, day and week. To help you get started, and survive in Sons of The Forest, we have prepared a complete beginner's guide. Let's get to it.

A Complete Beginner's Guide for Sons of The Forest

Sons Of The Forest
Sons Of The Forest

Tips for Beginners

When you first start the game, avoid combat. It will take a while before the cannibals get aggressive and start showing up in packs. For the first few days, allow them to check you out, but do not engage in combat. This allows you to explore the area and gather resources without being disturbed.

You'll be locked up in a cannibal camp when you die the first time. Wait for them to disperse. Then grab your knife and free yourself. Get out of the camp and loot it! Although the cannibals may be a little suspicious of you, AI is very adaptive to your actions so they won't cause too much trouble unless you attack them outwardly.

If you find edible items, it is best to eat green. You can eat everything, and they will either turn green or red the next time you come across them. Avoid the red ones!

You should always open the suitcases you encounter. You will often find essential items inside your suitcases that you can use to make crafts. Tape, arrows and food packs can all be found in the inside of a suitcase, so start looting right away!

Is There Autosave in the Game

Autosave doesn't exist. Your progress in Sons Of The Forest will be saved This can be done manually using some type of resting area. A resting space is the easiest. Shelter Tent It is made only from a Tarp, and a Stick. The first you'll find in one of those containers at the site. (If you paid attention tip #1). The former can only be found where there is a tree or bushes.

How to Use Kelvin

Kelvin is a great tool. You can let him fish in nearby ponds and lakes for fish. Or you can have Kelvin cut down trees and logs in the area to build shelters and set up a campfire. Look after Kelvin! He will die if he is attacked too often. Kelvin is an asset that you don't want to lose, so make sure you protect him. Poor little guy. 

sons of the forest tips

How to Build Your Base

You should consider these key factors when selecting the base of your future home:

  • Near water source: Kelvin can fish for hours without complaining, which provides him with a consistent source of food.
  • Near a 3D printer: These are very useful tools, so consider building your base near one cave entrance with a printer inside.

You'll need a shelter in order to be able sleep. You can build a basic Tarp Shelter with some sticks or tarp. Kelvin can also help you put it together.

Logs are needed for advanced shelters. If you are unsure how to obtain planks and cut logs you can simply take the log to the structure and your character's will automatically shape them.

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By placing logs flat onto the ground and standing at the base, you can make planks. When the red line appears, look up the log length and click the mouse button.

You'll be more likely to encounter mutants and surface cannibals if you stay longer in Sons of the Forest. You'll need to reinforce your base with defensive fencing and place flyswatter and bone traps throughout the area. You will be liable for any damage if you accidentally set them off.

Tips for Combat

Holster your weapon for faster movement and to outrun cannibals and mutants you encounter in the wilderness. Get sneaky to stay hidden, attack deer, and gather resources near them without risking your health. Note that some cannibals are scared of you; it can behove you to avoid fighting them if they seem to be backing away. Throughout the game, you’ll find things like grenades, flares, and materials to make things such as molotovs and explosives which will be very powerful in attacking enemy hordes but use them wisely as your resources are limited.

sons of the forest beginner tips

Typically, they’re useful in attacking several groups of enemies at once or in a location where enemies can’t simply run away, such as underground. Study enemy attack patterns to know when to attack or block. Aim for headshots with spears to stagger enemies, then finish them off.