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Sid Meier's Civilization VI Bonus Resources Guide

Sid Meier's Civilization VI Bonus Resources Guide

Sid Meier's Civilization VI is a civilization-building game where you develop your civilization and advance technologically by using various raw materials production. It's fair to say that Sid Meier's Civilization VI is a history-themed modern chess game.

The game has a system where various rules and related moves are beneficial while developing your civilization. One of these systems is the bonus resources indicated with special icons on the map. Each bonus contributes to your resource differently and gives you an advantage over your opponents. If you're looking for a guide to Sid Meier's Civilization VI bonus resources, read on!

Sid Meier's Civilization® VI
Sid Meier's Civilization® VI

All Bonus Resources and How to Get Them

Technology Development

You need to discover technologies where you can use bonuses to process and benefit from your bonus resources. In the technology tree symbolized by the blue colour, each technology has the features it provides to your civilization. For example, you need to learn farming technology to use the wheat bonus. You can make them workable by learning the technologies of the bonus resources found in your civilization.

bonus resources in civ 6

Harvest or Usage

To process the bonus resources contained in the tiles of your civilization, you need to use the civilian unit called the builder.

Use With Caution!
However, when you hover over a wheat source with the builder, you have another option called harvest. Harvesting a bonus resource gives you many resources but deactivates that tile's bonus resource. For example, if you harvest a wheat source, you gain +20 food, but the +1 food bonus of the tile disappears.

You can create a farm by hovering over the Wheat source with a builder. If there is a wheat bonus on a tile, that field provides +1 more food than normal. If you farm on the wheat source, you will get +2 extra food in total. 

Agricultural Resources

Sid Meier's Civilization VI has four different agricultural bonus resources. Wheat and rice from these sources have the same properties. If a tile has one of these two bonus resources, that tile gains +1 food bonus. If you build a farm on this resource, you will gain a +2 food bonus in total. The different agricultural bonus resource in the game is the banana. The banana and maize give a +1 food bonus to the tile it is on. If you have discovered Irrigation technology, you can build a plantation on the banana spring. Thus, the banana tile gains a total of +1 food and +2 gold bonus.

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Animal Bonus Resources

There are three animal bonus resources in the game: cattle, sheep, and deer. Cattle and sheep provide their tile' +1 food production. You can process these resources by exploring Animal Husbandry technology. If you build pasture on cattle and sheep resources, you will gain +1 food and +1 production in total. The Deer bonus gives the tile +1 production. If you build a Camp on top of the deer bonus, you will gain +1 production and +1 gold in total.

Sea Bonus Resources

There are two different bonus resources at sea, Crab, and Fish. Crab bonus source gives +2 gold to the tile. If you build a Fishing Boat on top of the Crab resource, you will gain +2 gold and +1 food in total. Fish gives +1 food to the tile where the bonus source is located. If you build a Fishing Boat on a Fish bonus resource, you gain +2 food in total.

all bonus resources in civ 6 and how to get them

Mining Bonus Resources

There are two different mining resources in the game, Stone, and Copper. Stone gives +1 production to the tile where the bonus source is located. If you build Quarry on top of the Stone bonus resource, you gain +2 production and +1 gold in total. Copper bonus source gives +2 gold bonus to the tile where it is located. If you build Mine on the Copper resource, you will get +2 gold +1 production in total.