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Raft Weapons and How to Craft Them

Raft Weapons and How to Craft Them

Raft is one of the ocean-themed survival games. You must struggle to survive against the conditions of nature alone or with your friends. You need to be ready for the dangers that you will encounter during the game.

For example, sharks attacking your boat and the bears you will meet on the islands pose a threat to you. You must use weapons while fighting them. If you're curious about all the weapons available on Raft, read on!

All Raft Weapons You Need to Know & How to Craft Weapons


Wooden Spear

The first weapon each player uses is the Wooden Spear. It is a weapon designed for the beginner level of the game. Wooden Spear has 20 durability and 5 damage. In other words, you need to use two Wooden Spears to kill a shark. To craft a Wooden Spear, you need to use 8 planks and 3 ropes. You can easily obtain these resources from the beginning of the game.

raft weapons and crafting

Metal Spear

The weapon you will start using after you have developed a little in the game is Metal Spear. Metal Spear is a powerful weapon with 40 durability and 10 damage. After players switch to this weapon, their damage will increase and the number of Spears they need to carry will decrease. Whether you're hunting on islands or defending your ship from sharks, the Metal Spear is a reliable weapon. To craft Metal Spear, you need to use 6 planks, 2 ropes, 2 metal ingots, and 1 bolt.


Machete is a weapon designed for players at higher levels. To craft this weapon, you must have its blueprint. Machete has high damage and low attack speed. For Machete's blueprint, they must go to Mama Bear's Cave on Balboa Island. You must fight the boss named Mama Bear. Machete has 40 durability and 15 damage. You need 3 Scraps, 2 Ropes, 2 Metal Ingots, and 2 Bolts to craft it.

raft weapons and how to craft them

Titanium Sword

The Titanium Sword is Raft's most powerful melee weapon. The main reason for this is that Titanium Sword has unlimited durability. It's also the game's highest-damage melee weapon, with 20 damage. To craft it, you need to find its blueprint from Utopia. You can craft Titanium Sword with 3 scraps, 2 ropes, 3 titanium ingots, and 2 bolts.

Basic Bow

The only weapon you can use as a ranged weapon in Raft is the Basic Bow. Every Basic Bow has 60 durability. To craft it, you need to use 6 planks, 4 ropes, 2 Vine Goo, and 1 Bolt. With Basic Bow, you can use 3 types of arrows in total. These arrows are Stone Arrow, Metal Arrow, and Titanium Arrow. Stone Arrow deals 10 damage, Metal Arrow does 15 damage, and Titanium Arrow deals 20 damage. If you want to hunt the threats in the game advantageously from a distance, we recommend you use Bow.

Net Launcher

The weapon you will use to hunt and tame creatures in the game is the Net Launcher. Its main function is to enable you to capture creatures alive. You need Net Canister to use Net Launcher.